Now just WHERE was that info when I wanted it?

So last April I posted a question to GQ. And for the last 9 months this same question has been in the back of my head, just waiting to be answered. Every now and again, when I have a couple of minutes to mess around, and think of it, I’d do a search. Nothing.

Then today I open up the Strib, and there it is, the answer to my question. [sub]Don’t worry, it’s there - toward the bottom of the article.[/sub]

Nine months. I coulda had a kid within that period of time, for pete’s sake.

The thing is, this happens to me a LOT. I want to know something, noodle around the web a while, check out my atlases or an encyclopedia til I give up, then a few days or weeks or months later…BAM!

So. I can’t possibly be the only person this happens to, can I?

See, what you want to do here is either time the question so you’ll find the answer at the ight time, OR assume you know everything and not bother with it.

Works for me

Holy cow! That’s a totally F/<!<3|) up story! I can’t tell from the article, but this must be one of the first WPP projects ever initiated.

What the hell else have they been doing since?