Now that we got 'em to enable polls...

Seeing as how we now have proof that [del]bullying the administration[/del] politely making reasonable requests of the powers that be does occasionally work, I think it might be interesting to see which other issues the membership thinks are in need of some attention from up high.

Neat idea.

Thanks, but perhaps I should’ve added some incentive to fill the thread with content, rather than just doing a vote, leave, ‘of course I’ll still respect you in the morning’-routine…

Perhaps I should explain what I mean by full, but possibly optional, image support – the ability to post pictures inline, while leaving it optional to the posters whether or not to turn on this feature, those that decline to do so being shown a link to the image instead to prevent clutter (personally, I always get annoyed clicking the links in picture threads after about the fifth post in). I’m not sure whether or not this is actually feasible with the board software, however. This would also end the ‘we need such-and-such a smiley’-discussions, since they could simply be included as images in a post.

So, thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Sarcastic one liners? Have I missed any obvious areas that could be improved?


With a gentle reminder that the SDMB is not a democracy…

This belongs in ATMB. I’ll move it for you.



Once upon a time we allowed images. People got really tired of seeing goatse. So we disallowed images.

You should never say never but I can’t see why we would revisit this situation – the possibility of abuse has been made abundantly clear to us.

I like not having images, because it gives the whole board a cleaner look. You can easily link to images or even videos if you want to, and give warnings if they might be NSFW – so anyone wanting to refer to an image can do so very easily.

I want avatars too, so I can find my own posts easier.

Note that someone is working on a user-side add-on that would enable you to view images by simply mousing over a link, among other things.

I’d like to see the Pit dropped entirely. It no longer serves its original purpose, to dump flame war threads that should just have been locked. Now it’s rants, but you are supposed to be a drooling raver or they shunt it to MPSIMS. So, let’s just have MPSIMS for all rants and let the drooling ravers find another board.

Why have so many people voted for the search limit thing? Google searches the board just fine. As alterego comprehensively showed us here.

Also, I’m with Giles on the issue of pictures and videos. Links are too much trouble for people now or what?

In the alternative, we could express appreciation for getting polls and not immediately demand more like ungrateful children.

Poll based moderator recall.

It’s not as good. One thing I do often is look for posts where I remember a particular person using a particular word. Google doesn’t know the difference between different posts on a page, so it can’t perform that search. Not to mention the fact that you never really know how up-to-date the google index of the site is, so you can’t consider any google search results complete. It’s a lousy solution when the board has its own more refined search built in.

Are you just making up [del]excuses[/del] reasons or have you been genuinely unable to find a certain thread using the Google method? If I have been unsuccessful in using the Google method, it’s because I slept through my Google-Fu classes during school. The times I haven’t found the thread I was looking for, somone else was able to find it for me using the Google Method and terms I wouldn’t have thought to. So perhaps you’re just using it wrong.

My “other” was actually going to be having a place for times when even the pit isn’t hot enough for how someone feels. A sort of wall when you can come, bash your head for a few moments in no uncertain terms, and then go about your life. Possibly with threads all locked after the first post and intense warnings that much of what you see will not be work or child friendly.

I have been genuinely unable to find specific threads using the google method. As I mentioned in another thread, I recently was looking for some specific threads where I had posted some javascript code, and I can find them searching for keyword “javascript” and username “ntucker” using the SDMB search, but several of them are missing from these results, plus the google search includes a whole lot of irrelevant results.

You may think it’s nit-picking, but it’s simply false to claim that the google search is a fullly-functional replacement for the built-in search. If this board wants to stick to the culture that encourages searching to see if your question has already been answered, it should have a reliable search engine.

The most surprising result to me is that approximately half the people have apparently no interest in improved board performance. What is the downside that caused you not to check that box?

I didn’t check it because the only performance problem I have is that searches take 300 seconds. Other than that I don’t really see very many problems. Of course, I remember the days when loading a thread often took several minutes if it worked at all, so maybe my standards are skewed. :slight_smile:

I owned a motorcycle once that could, and did on two occasions, reach speeds of 140mph. A mechanic told me that with a little tweak here and there it could hit 160 and better. I never bothered as most of the time I never had it over 80/90. If I ran it too hot too long, breakdowns or self destruction were very much possible and I knew it.

I have no idea how the internet works or how this board is put together, but it fits my needs. I’ve tried a couple of the “latest and greatest” boards and they always seemed to be down when I wanted to read them. I thought about “better performance” because almost anyone reading this knows more than I do on the subject and may have 20 possible suggested performance enhancements to suggest. But in the end I had to “uncheck” that button because I just wouldn’t notice the difference until it broke down.

That surprised me, too. Maybe not everyone realized it was a multi-choice poll?