Now this is a garage

Just saw this in my house search and wanted to share… This is from a house for sale in Houston.

That window up top on left is into the “media room” the size of a small movie theater.

views of media room and garage through that window:

If there were a couple of airplanes in there, I would agree.

Kind of unusual the way it’s laid out. There’s not much point to having a high ceiling over a garage, and it looks like the roll-up door leads to a patio rather than a driveway. I’d love to have that much space, but I’d arrange it differently.

It looks cool, but it’s a terrible design. Why would you want a giant glass window wall in your media room, opening onto a space where the lights could come on at any time?

What, no car elevator?

Houston Packer fans? White/Off white carpeting? Huge space, but, in my humble opinion, oddly designed. As Smeghead said, why the window into the garage?

Well that’s probably the reason that the house is not selling (that, and the pool is just weirdly small). When people design their quirks into the house, they probably really enjoy living there, but selling is a problem.

Terr, The pool would be adequate size for me, but against the size of that garage space? Hahaha! I’m curious to see how the kitchen looks.

Yeah, that’s approaching Winchester Mansion strangeness of layout. There’s almost no good use for any of that space, or the elevated walkaround, and certainly not the huge window.

What came to mind when I read the comments above was the tech nabob of a few years back whose office backed on a small garage. They were connected by a plate glass window so that he and his visitors could fondly gaze at his racing-history Cobra. Now that I could get into.

I will post the whole listing:

Wow - I see they reduced the price today. Now it is ridiculously low. I think it will be bought soon, weird garage or no weird garage. Hell, I’d buy it, it’s just that it is not in the area I need.

Seating for spectators to garage hockey.

That garage would be great for parties, indeed! Notice the flat screen high on right wall.

Terr, That’s a very fine home. Loads of travertine, great kitchen, well done landscaping in front. The first photos showing just huge garage space didn’t sell it, but after seeing the kitchen and baths, I’m impressed.

Upon further inspection, why did I ever diss that garage which has slate flooring?

Oh yes, it’s a good house - but the garage and pool are weird. Even with that, I’d buy it if it was in the area I wanted. The price is just silly low right now. I just saw it clicking around while MLS searching.

It seems to me if you stop considering it a garage but rather a large room that can be opened to the outdoors via a retractable wall, you might have something going there. It sure could be a fun living space in that context.

Yeah, that’s weird. Plus there’s no lift to work on the cars. So presumably this is a garage to store fancy cars, and not one to actually do any work on them.

That slate flooring is weirdly wonderful. Ok, so the garage needs some storage closets to organize/hide the toys, bikes, tools … and a lift for car repairs.

All the visible storage bothers me. I put all that stuff in the garage so that I DON’T have to look at it. I certainly don’t want to have a giant window to look at storage space. I get the feeling that the guy basically lived in his garage and the rest of the home was simply an addition to it.

A 4,231 square foot house with only 4/5 bedrooms? Too much wasted space in every room. Of course I’m told the Texas ego needs that space so you don’t bump into the walls.

Could be they took them out for staging and that would explain the high ceiling.