Nurse Jackie is back tonight

On SHO. The first three seasons are on demand, if you need to review, or haven’t seen this series yet. A little dark, a little broad, all fun.

Thread’s a yawner and nobody watches this show? :smiley: I thought it was a good season premier. Doctor Cruz looks to be a total asshole, and I can’t believe that Jackie is going to last 28 days in rehab; 28 hours, maybe.

Like this show a lot, and the first episode of the season set things up nicely.

I am assuming episode two starts off with “…28 days later…” and picks up from there?

It looks like we can now see the first THREE episodes of the show On Demand? I might check out episodes 2 and 3.

Doctor Cruz is make a nice list of enemies…my guess is that he will eventually be put in a positon of needing their help and find himself on the wrong end of a boot.

Glad to have the show back, and yes it is a bit dark for what is billed as a comedy, but I wouldn’t know how else to catagorize it.

I had a self-involved woman overload last year and bailed entirely on Nurse Jackie and The Big C, partly precipitated by bailing on United States of Tara shortly before it was cancelled. I think Diablo Cody poisoned that well for me, as Jackie and Big C were pikers compared to Tara.

I’m interested in the tone of the show, is there any drama at all about her going clean?

What I mean is I’m cool with a far future sober finale or whatever but am not interested in another self hating addict constantly on the will they won’t they thing. I’d like to see a realistic and mostly unrepentant character.

No, the first three seasons, not episodes.

Just watched episode 3, which I think was the strongest of this season so far.

I really disliked Laura Silverman’s character. I know a rehab counselor has to be tough and confrontational at times, but for someone who is supposed to espouse the notion that addicts don’t have all the answers, she seemed to think she had all the answers. Not explaining it too well, but I felt at times like she was a parody of the tough-as-nails rehab worker.

I wonder if the kid with the green hair will show up again this season. Maybe an adolescent crush for Grace?

Ok, I just read that the kid who plays Charlie is Bobbe Canavale’s son in real life. Could get interesting if Charlie is Cruz’s son. “Kids, they’ll break your heart in 10 words…”

I’m a fan, and glad it’s back - but for this sort of show have pretty much settled on waiting until I’ve got an entire season in the bag to watch on my own timeframe.

You may be on to something!

The girls dancing to their Wi while oblivious to the confrontation behind them (Ep 1 I think) was hilarious!!!

If I had any sort of self-control (Help me, Laura Silverman!) I would do that, but I need to see it as it airs.

Yes, I really loved that scene. Especially the looks on their little faces.

OK, just watched episode 4 last night. With the thread about defining spoilers in ATMB still going on right now, I’m not sure what I can and cannot write in here.

I did mean to add something about Slater from the last episode. One of the things that made the episode strong for me is how careful they were to portray him as a good nurse. Even when he really needed to be getting out of there, he stopped to tell Jackie about the patient.

Anyhow, would love to hear other reactions about episode 4.