NY Daily News: Peyton Manning College Sex Assault and Smear Campaign

This article hit my Twitter feed this morning. Of course the usual caveats, who know if or how true. But it’s a hell of a read.

Full article here.

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The writer is a race baiting black lives matter activist. Looks like he’s digging up old stories to hurt Manning’s reputation since Cam Newton has been skewered in the media all week.

So im guessing you are ok with Mannings sexual assault and reputation smearing. Those are court documents he is quoting. The messenger doesnt matter here.

Or, some people never learn.

Gold diggers are no longer an option, so, you know, black people.

Well yeah, the Daily News pundit is pushing this story as a counter to his perception that the media/public have been mean to a black quarterback (Cam Newton) while glorifying a white quarterback (Manning) out of racist motivations.

Which is bull, but back when this story was first surfacing years ago it struck me as piggish behavior (at the least) by Manning. Piling on after the fact in the Mannings’ book was worse, and nasty allegations reported to have been made against the victim represent sleaze that needs to be considered in viewing Peyton’s “legacy”, for those who really care about such things.

Still doesn’t make Cam Newton look good.

From si.com’s latest story on the subject:

Uh, whatever he did, this seems inaccurate unless he had a prehensile rectum. :dubious::eek:

Yeah, the messenger doesn’t really matter here. These are court documents and the horrible incident is well documented. No one made this shit up.

Messenger does matter though when he so clearly has an agenda. An actual journalist could have done a lot more with this.

So, the write is sleazy and unprofessional and it appears Manning is sleazy, unprofessional and vindictive.


An article on the article:

Fixed (I hope)

This is not a new story, here’s a link from 2003. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/colts/2003-11-04-manning-suit_x.htm

Shaun King is a sleazy, lying social justice warrior. The source does matter.

I think you’ve done the OP a favor here. There is basically nothing in that 13-year-old news story that contradicts the story as outlined by King, and as discussed in the court documents.

Are you arguing that, because it’s old, it must be false? Or maybe that, because it’s old, it must be true? Something else? Because i’m not quite sure what you think you’ve demonstrated by showing that this is old news.

If it is old news, and if the old story is, in its factual elements, pretty much the same as the story being told by Shaun King, then it seems to me that you might even have provided some support for King’s more subjective claim about Peyton Manning being treated with kid gloves by the media.

Your ability to define “social justice warrior” as a pejorative is one of your more endearing character traits. You also have a remarkable tendency to apply these pejoratives to particular groups of people. And yet it’s King who is the race-baiter, right?

What he was accused of doing was while the trainer was examining his foot, after pulling down his pant, he suddenly maneuvered himself so his testicles and penis were on top of her head and his ass was too, and then laughing about it. She was understandably upset by it and reported it, he claimed it was a joke and told some improbable story about himself trying to moon someone else and her being sort of an accidental victim.

It strikes me as extremely piggish behavior, but at the same time he was just 20, not even old enough to drink and I remember lots of people in high school and college doing and saying things we’d now be ashamed of and I can see him pulling what struck him at the time as being a harmless prank and being too immature and stupid to realize how wrong it was.

I actually found smearing her years later much, much worse and quite abhorrent and am glad to find out he had to pay through the nose for it.

As for King’s article, it was very poorly written and comes across as horribly biased and quite hypocritical coming from someone who complained about reporters “jumping to conclusions” with him and “getting just one side of the story.”

I myself have no patience with people who squeal about “social justice warriors” and find the criticism of Shaun King being a “racist” really dumb, but I remember him last year spending hours tweeting about how supposedly members of the KKK, armed with machine guns were running around the University of Missouri campus threatening people without a shred of credible evidence. I won’t call him a liar, but I think he’s clearly a terrible writer who has a tendency to jump to conclusions and seems to have little concern for the actual truth.

Activists make terrible academics and even worse journalists.

Amazing how lily white America gets up in arms when one of their own vanilla role models is attacked and exposed as a fraud in the media.

The fact is, Peyton Manning/UT paid out $300,000 to the woman trainer he teabagged . . . . ALLEGEDLY. Don’t give me “he was 20” You know damn well if you or I did that at 20, wed be registered sex offenders. And, in most cases, you don’t “settle” out of court without there being smoke and a fire.

The fact is, he uses his “squeaky clean” image to earn millions and millions in endorsements; Cam Newton, an “uppity” black man, despite being 10X the athlete Peyton is can’t seem to get dime one in endorsements, because in white American eyes, he wont play Uncle Tom.

Leave it to a white racist right wing website like Breit Bart to attack Shaun King, and even sink as low as to make his own racial identity an issue. Apparently, you are not allowed to attack a white athlete if you are black. This country disgusts me.

Yes it is.

From philly.com:

*Peyton Manning’s reputation as the National Football League’s most bankable player took a hit when he was among 10 athletes cited in a lawsuit filed by six former female students against the University of Tennessee.

The lawsuit, filed on Tuesday and first reported by The Tennessean, claims that the university violated Title IX regulations and created a “hostile sexual environment” through a policy of indifference toward assaults by student-athletes.*
Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20160214_Reuters_L2N15T0HL_NFL_Manning_suffers_dent_to_his_wholesome_image.html#kp8oPpGqL4ZMXHuT.99

Does Gatorade, Under Armor, Oikos, Drakkar and his own line of clothing not count?

Aside from him actually having endorsement deals, the “Uncle Tom” nonsense is a slur against other black quarterbacks, past and present (for example, Russell Wilson and Teddy Bridgewater) who have good reputations and are generally admired by large numbers of football fans, white and otherwise).

Newton had a sleazy past before coming to the NFL (remember the scandal over his father trying to get a big cash payout from a university in return for Cam’s signing there, Cam’s leaving the U of Florida after academic cheating charges surfaced, and the laptop theft?), so it’s not just the excessive look-at-me-look-at-me end zone celebration stuff that has damaged his reputation.*

*behaving badly during celebrations can result in criticism and worse, even if you’re a white quarterback.

Everything you said is true, and contributed to the narrative around Cam Newton, but the reality is that doing all those things while Black is an aggravating factor that is largely based on negetive racial stereotypes. I agree that a hypothetical White Cam Newton would still get criticized, but that criticism would have been minimal, and would have a different tone and tenor.

As far as the OP, focusing on King is foolish in this case. The main issue is why Manning seems to get the benefit of the doubt even when he doesn’t deserve it. There was a time when this was true about most star players (eg. Big Ben rape allegations, Ray Lewis murder allegations, etc.), but the times seem to have changed for almost everyone but Peyton Manning. The NFL even came for Tom Brady, which would have been unthinkable years ago. The funny part about the deflategate thing is that it was both Brady and Manning who pushed for those rules changes regarding bringing your own balls, yet Brady was the only one whose reputation suffered from a fairly clear attempt at gamesmanship at best, and the ability to cheat at worst.

Further, the fact that the HGH story went completely uninvestogated by the mainstream media is really, really suspect. Even though I would hardly blame him for using it under the circumstances, I cannot imagine another player being accused of such a thing receiving so little scrutiny when the substance was admittedly delivered to his shared residence. Coupled with his clear endorsement of Budweiser during the post game celebrations, I am still shocked that the media chose to focus on Cam Newton’s press conference behavior rather than any of those stories. The whole thing is strange, and while I am not sure race is the through line rather than just Peyton Manning getting a pass for some reason, I thing a minority would not get that benefit under almost any circumstances.

The story I read this morning said that this incident is about him sticking his ass in some trainer’s face. Is this correct? Is anything more to this about the civil case that ensued or is there more to his behavior to consider here?

Maybe you’re right. After all, Johnny Manziel has largely escaped scrutiny because he’s white. :dubious:

Uh-huh, no one mentioned it at all. In fact, I can’t ever recall hearing about stories in the MSM about white athletes linked to PEDs.

Instead of insisting on viewing treatment of these athletes through a racial prism, you might also consider that Manning has (to some extent) been placed on a pedestal because of his sports achievements over many years, and Newton is a relative newcomer.

But as indicated before, I don’t have much respect for either of them and their chickens that have come home to roost.

Although I am sure more facts will come out, the bulletpoints are as follows:

  1. Manning, at age 19, allegedly sticks his naked butt and rectum in the face of a female trainer while she is examining him
  2. She reports this immediately.
  3. Manning says it was an accident, and that he slipped while mooning a teammate.
  4. Teammate initially supports him, then later denies this and writes letter to Peyton to fess up.
  5. Teammate loses his scholarship. He alleges it’s due to him not backing Manning’s account.
  6. University settles with trainer and she agrees to leave. They sign a confidentially agreement, and she gets a monetary settlement.
  7. Manning receives minimal punishment.
  8. Years later, Manning breaks confidentially agreement in a book he wrote that smears the trainer. Archie Manning, Peyton’s father, is alleged to have also attempted to smear the trainer by saying, “she had been with a lot of Black guys”, among other things.
  9. She sued again and settles based on Manning’s public comments in violation of the prior agreement. Another agreement is signed.
  10. Recently, a lawsuit naming the UofT cites the incident as an example of the hostile work environment there.