NYC-area Dopers - Concert scene?

I recently started dating again after a long absence from that scene (too busy to hang out). My first date in a while is on Thursday night and I’ve been agonizing over what to do.

The young lady in question is one of those “surprise me” types who likes to have the guy do all of the date planning, which is cool by me. I figured we should do dinner, followed by a concert or artistic event of some kind.

Used to be that plenty of websites offered up information on what was going on in NYC on any given night. But these days, I’m having a tough time finding something comprehensive. Google ain’t helping - it just throws up a bunch of sites for ticket brokers. I’m looking for something that will tell me what’s going on at the various venues (large venues like MSG to smaller ones like the Beacon) on Thursday night. Do y’all know of something like that? What’s your favorite site for finding out what’s going on in NYC?

Alternatively, I’ll take suggestions for cool things to do on a first date.

Thanks in advance.

One thing to do is to pick up NY Press, which has resumed running the Straight Dope. They have a pretty good listings section, as does the Village Voice. Also, some swear by Time Out New York.

On the web, I find OK.

NYC Concert Listings at Pollstar

Sixpence None the Richer would be a pretty good date band.

Thanks, guys.

Shots are on me at the next NYC Dopefest.