NYC-area Dopers: I need a baseball companion for July 4 (BAL@NYY)

So, i’m spending about ten days in New York at the beginning of July. When i found out that i was going, i checked the Yankees’ schedule to see if they were at home that week. Well, not only are they at home, but they are playing my team, the Orioles. I quickly snapped up a couple of tickets for the July 4 game at 1:05pm. Originally, my wife was going to come with me, but now a friend of hers in arriving in New York on that day, and they haven’t seen each other for a couple of years, so she can no longer come to the game.

This leaves me with an extra ticket, and i was wondering if there were any NYC-area Dopers who are going to be in town that day, and who would be interested in taking in a baseball game in the Bronx. I know lots of people go away for the long weekend, but i thought that there might be someone around who might be interested in accompanying me on my first trip to Yankee Stadium.

The seats i have were the best available at the time of purchase. They are Tier Box seats on the third base (left field) side of the stadium, and from the diagram it looks like they’re about two-thirds of the way between third base and the foul pole. If you want to see exactly where they are, go here and look for section 646, in the pink area.

The tickets cost $40 plus various service charges, which brought the price up to $47.80 per ticket. I’m happy to eat the service charges, but my status as a struggling grad student means that i would need to ask for compensation for the ticket itself.* If anyone’s interested, let me know in this thread, or send me an email (it’s in my profile). I’m looking forward to visiting Yankee Stadium, and it would be fun to do it with a fellow Doper.

One final question: if no-one on these Boards is interested in going, i’m going to try to sell the ticket at the ground. Are there any legal problems doing this at Yankee Stadium? In Baltimore, there is a specially-designated area outside the ballpark where people meet to buy and sell spare tickets. Does anyone know if there is a similar thing in place in the Bronx?
*Note: I’m aware of Board policy against offering items for sale. I got permission from the Mods before opening this thread.

Just got back from a Yanks game a few hours ago. Its not legal to scalp tickets in NY but it is not really enforced!If no one else is interested let me know (er are you going to wear Orioles gear?)
Still upset about $8.50 for a beer :slight_smile:

Well, i probably won’t be wearing Orioles gear, as i don’t own any. I will probably wear some orange just to show my team colors.

Why is this an issue? Are people at Yankee stadium likely to get aggressive or insulting when someone supports the opposition?

The only thing i do at a baseball game that might potentially embarrass a seating companion is refuse to stand for the national anthem. This, by the way, is an equal opportunity refusal, and applies to all anthems, and not just the American one.

No-one has ever said anything to me about it before, although i’ve received a few dirty looks on one or two occasions. The funny thing was that, in some cases, the people giving me dirty looks were also the same people who talked all the way through the anthem. Apparently staying seated is a sign of disrespect, but yapping away during the song is not.

Anyway, i’m hoping that the Orioles can get back into some good form by early July, because the Yankees have been playing well (despite last night’s loss to Tampa Bay).

If you are interested in going, let me know.

In my experience, in many many games at the Stadium, I haven’t seen this be a problem unless the opposing fan was very loud and obnoxious in rooting against the Yankees. If you just cheer for your team in a normal way you should be OK. If you keep shouting out things like “Yankees s&%" or "Jeter is an a&^%” you will probably be harassed. (This said, a Red Sox fan should keep a close eye on the level of inebriation of the Yankee fans in his section.)

A quick Google on selling tickets suggests that it is illegal to sell them within one block of the Stadium, even for face value, with a potentially hefty fine. (However, this is not any kind of official information). However, there are always lots of people scalping tickets right in front of the Stadium, and when I have had extras to get rid of (because someone cancelled out) I have always been able to sell them there within a short time. (I’ve always sold for face value).

Well, i don’t consider myself an obnoxious fan at all. Hell, i don’t even yell “Yankees suck” at Baltimore games, and there’s no way i’d be looking to make an asshole of myself at someone else’s stadium. Also, as someone who doesn’t drink beer, i don’t usually drink alcohol at ballgames, so i’m unlikely to start being a drunken idiot in the bottom of the eighth inning or something.

Thanks for the information. I certainly wouldn’t be looking to sell for a profit. If it becomes necessary, i’ll give it a go. If anyone gives me grief for it, i’ll pull out my thickest Australian accent and play the dopey tourist. :slight_smile:

Actually, it just occurred to me to look on my ticket (i got e-tickets that i print out and take to the game), and it says the following:

So i guess if i need to sell it, i’ll try to do so away from the Stadium.

And now, having read the ticket further, i’m a little bummed out. According to the conditions on the ticket, i’m not even allowed to bring a camera into the ground. I was hoping to get a few pictures of my first trip to Yankee Stadium, just for nostalgia’s sake. :frowning:

Or sitting in the right field bleachers.

mhendo, I’ll ask the boss (not the boss - my boss) for 4 Stadium Club passes today if you want them. The Stadium Club is for season ticket holders & offers a very good pre-game buffet for $35 a head. You gotta be there 2 hours before game time to get seated downstairs.

If you’re planning on tailgating instead, I recommend the upper level of the parking facility directly next door the the Bronx House of Detention on River Ave - 2 blocks south of the Stadium.

Meh, I wore my Angels gear to a game at Yankee Stadium in 2003, the year after the Angels bounced the Yanks from the playoffs. We sat in the right field bleachers and nobody did anything, except the usual verbal taunts, but it was pretty friendly. Of course, it may just be that the guy who kept standing up to talk on his cell phone during the game was taking most of the heat for me. Anyway, as long as you have a sense of humor and aren’t an asshole, then nobody will have a problem with you wearing the opposing team’s colors, even in the bleachers I’ve found. Except maybe Sox gear, or Yankees gear in the Sox bleachers.

And I would advise anyone sitting in the bleachers to stand for the anthem, unless they had a clear medical condition. But you’ll be in the civilized section, mhendo, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

While I don’t have any of my tickets on me, I’m a regular stadium-goer and the ban, to the best of my knowledge, is on video cameras. I often take my little digital, and there are always people asking security or the police to snap their pictures. I’ll double check tomorrow and try to remember to reply on Friday.

Personally, I’d love to go, but Ms. D_Odds would kick my arse if I took off without her to a ballgame on the 4th of July.

Wow, thanks for the very kind offer.

I think i’ll have to pass on it, though, for a few reasons. First, it could turn out that i’m by myself at the game, and things like that are not as fun if you don’t have company. Second, even though i’m sure it’s a good value meal, i’m a grad student on a pretty restricted budget and i can’t really justify $35 for lunch. Buying $40 tickets for the game is already something of an extravagance. Finally, having been to a few similar-sounding buffets at Australian sports stdiums (The Sydney Cricket Ground, etc.), i’ve often found that these type of places do not have very much vegetarian-friendly food.

But thanks again for the offer!

Was at the stadium last night (another depressing loss to Tampa Bay). Cameras abound. All signs specifically prohibit video cameras. Also, no bags are allowed into the stadium, so travel light. I’ve never tried any of the bag check places nearby.

Best way to get there is the 4, B or D train to Yankee Stadium. You can’t miss it from there.

There are plenty of people selling and buying tickets at the stadium. Just be discrete. July 4, you might be able to get full face value. Should be a sellout, especially with the Orioles leading the division.

Does this mean no bags of any kind?


The way things are going right now, i’d have my money on Boston leading the division by July 4.

Nearly all bags. Purses are allowed, as are some small bags. My laptop bag isn’t, so I need to find a home for it before any game. Backpacks are generally out unless they’re small (I usually carry a sweatshirt and/or poncho with me.)