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Let me just say this is my first log-in since the “event” that shut the board down for a while. Good to see things new and improved and seemingly back to normal.

For my wife’s 30th birthday I forwent the black balloons and got her 2 tickets to see Billy Joel and Elton John in concert in NYC. We planned a few days around it and drove the 5.5 hours from Richmond, VA to enjoy ourselves and see ole Bill and Elton play.

While in NYC we made a few observations. This was both of our first trip to NYC so we had a few preconceived notions about New Yorkers…rude, pushy, loud, inhospitable…none of which turned out to be true. What we did notice is that if you are a New Yorker you more than likely have one of these 3 thrings attached to your head at various orifices…a cigarrette, a cell phone or headphones. Not that there is anything wrong with that…:wink:

Alas Billy Joel called in sick. Actually he called in a few weeks before our trip but we never checked…oops. Good times were had anyway, and now we have a good excuse to return.

Which brings me to my question…can anyone suggest a reasonably priced hotel in Manhattan? I figure there has to be a few jewels out there that the SD brain trust is aware of. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

FYI- this time we stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania across the street from Madison Square Garden for $129 per night. Looking for a comparable or better deal, or possibly something truly unique. We would also entertain offers to be the guest of any affluent Dopers with lofts on the Island…:slight_smile:

<hijack> I could be wrong but, Long Island is the island. Manhatten is the City </hijack>

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(Manhattan and Long Island are both islands.)

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New York City is The City. Manhattan is Manhattan. Long Island is The Island, except for Brooklyn and Queens, which are Brooklyn and Queens.

We stayed at the Hotel Olcott on W 72nd. About $120, right next to the Natural History Museum, a block from Central Park (or The Park). 212-877-4200. Not really fancy, but good location.

Staten Island is also ‘the Island’, at least for those who live there…

You drove?!?! Forget the cost of your hotel, what was the cost of parking? and re-aligning your suspension?

I stayed a couple of years ago at the Red Roof Inn only a couple of blocks from MSG. I was there to see a concert on a Sat night. Rode my motorcycle into town, a must do for bikers everywhere. The room cost $90 at the time. This was a Sat night in July, I would have thought it would have been more than that.

The room was ok, nothing fancy, but the parking for the day, even for a motorcycle, was $22, instead of $50!!! I had a great view of the Empire State Building. All in all it was pretty good deal. The only problem was that the elevatiors were slow so it took awhile to get to the floor.

Hey, never mind that. I just checked the rates, they wanted $150 for a night on July 15th. I just made the date up, and it’s a Monday so that’s high. Boy the prices really went up in two years.

Actually I got up there on one tank of gas and only had to drive in NYC a short way to the hotel. Parking was $35 per day.