NYC Thursday Dope-Dinners

Hey folks - I was thinking that maybe this Thursday we could try friedo’s idea from a while back:

Ruby Foo’s (Times Square)

This week happens to be NY Fall Restaurant Week, which means there are some really great deals on prix fixe menus out there…

Let’s see.

Fencing: No class.

Work: Hopefully not.

Cash: Check.

I’ll be there.

I’ll have to check to see if I’m allowed out. I really can’t be trusted, you know.

I’m in! 6:30, right?

Can I be a definite maybe? Ruby Foo’s sounds great. I always wanted to try it.

I know I promised I’d make it the last couple times and then mysteriously disapeared at the last instant. But I’m going to really try very hard to be there this time.

'Specially since it was my idea, dammit.

BTW - That place can get crowded, so let me know by Thursday morning if you can come and I will make a reservation for dinner then.

I, unfortunately (not really) won’t be able to make it. I expect that I’ll be pulling in to Savannah then, after an overnight run from Charleston on my sailing trip.

Have fun without me.

You know, Bill, somehow I knew that you were gonna post here. I just KNEW it :slight_smile:

Glad to see you are having fun. And look at that! I didn’t even grumble jealously!

I’m in. . . barring the “Cruel Hand of Fate”'s intervention.

daLovin’ Dj

I should actually be able to make this one. And I’ll do my best to drag lurker in with me. Regardless, I can really use the night out…

I’ll be there - even though Restaurant Week will bankrupt me. As a warning, the special dinner prix fixe is $30.01 (plus tax, tip and bar tab). Presumably, one can eat at Ruby Foo’s during Restaurant Week and not do the prix fixe, but perhaps we should be sure of that. Also, I’ve heard that stuff is booking up quite rapidly, so Thursday a.m. may be too late. Does anyone have a good back-up restaurant?

Sabrett’s cart on the northwest corner of 49th and Broadway.

I just checked out the list of participating restaurants, and other than Ruby Foo’s they all seem either fussy, stuffy, trendy, or geographically impaired (e.g. 2nd Avenue Deli or Frank’s, which are convenient to…nowhere, actually…). I really hate having to dress for dinner. So my I suggest the following as back-ups?:

Chelsea Grill, burgers, grill, surprisingly good salads, lots of beer and such, enormous soft drinks, 16th & 8th. Added advantage of being a possible venue for MegaDopeFest '02. Convenient to the A, C, E, L, 1, 2 and 3 lines.

Gabriela’s, Mexican, at 75th & Amsterdam

Penang, Malaysian, at 71st & Columbus (or use this link).

Not that I’m biased or anything.

Well I’d like to:

a) bump this baby

b) suggest that we try a reservation at Ruby Foo’s (if that hasn’t already been done)

c) vote for Chelsea Grill as our back-up.

I’ll try to be there.

I can’t make it after all, I’m afraid. Enjoy!

Anybody know what time the ball game is on Thursday?


To be extra careful, I’ll make a reservation tomorrow evening for ten at 7:00 PM thursday. Is that good?