NYTimes App Won't Download Stories

I have an iPod Touch with the most recent 2.x firmware (that is, the most recent firmware before the 3.0 update). I also have the most recent version of the NYT app. Despite this, I can’t download any new stories. The main pages are all blank, and when the progress bar appears at the bottom of the screen indicating that it is fetching new stories, it remains perpetually blank. I can connect to the internet via other means (Safari and WSJ app) just fine on this device.

I’m hoping there’s a factual answer to this problem. Has anyone else had this issue and found a resolution?

I haven’t run into that, but I’ve seen similar problems with other apps once or twice on my iPhone. Rebooting fixed it for me (annoying but true). It might also be worth trying another network, in case the network you’re on doesn’t have good connectivity to NYT for some reason.

It might be that the most recent version of the ny times app requires you to also have the most recent firmware on your iPod in order for it to work.

Delete it from the iPod and then reinstall it, if the condition persists, then the app requires 3.0.


I’ve noticed the reverse is usually true. There have been some apps that won’t work after upgrading to OS 3.0. I looked up NYT in the App Store and it says OS 3 tested, which means it’ll work on OS 3, but it’s not mandatory. And since iPod Touch users have to pay $10 to upgrade, I can understand hobscrk777’s reluctance to upgrade.

hobscrk777, I’d suggest deleting the app from your iTouch and reinstalling it. Then reboot your device (turn it completely off, then turn it back on). That might make it work.