O.C. and Stiggs??

I just saw this Altman movie on HBO today and it left me thoroughly confused. I missed the first thirty minutes of the movie but I dont think I missed any key aspects of the plot. From what I understand, the movie is about two kids who go out trying to have the best summer ever. Of course, the movie appears to be a bunch of totally random scenes. So has anyone else seen this movie? If anyone has, can they explain what the hell its about to me?

I’ve never seen the movie, but I can tell you that it’s based on characters from National Lampoon. There’s an anthology that includes a fairly lengthy O.C. and Stiggs story. It’s fairly convoluted even in print form.


Back when I was in college, National Lampoon devoted almost an entire issue to the exploits of two sick, twisted, sociopathic anything-for-a-laugh-or-to-get-lai teenagers named O.C. Ogilvy and Mark Stiggs. The entire issue was crude, sexist, racist, puerile, mean-spirited… and utterly hilarious!

ONLY a no-talent ass like Robert Altman could have taken something THAT offensive and THAT funny, and turned it into a movie so tepid and hopelessly devoid of laughs.

OMG! My sister-in-law and her brother LOVE that movie, and constantly force people to watch it. So far they have not found a single other person who likes it.

I knew it was going to be a painful experience before the movie even started; the MGM lion roared, and instead of the normal roar it said (in a lionesque, roary voice) “Ohhhhhhhh-Ceeeeeeee! Ssstiggggggs!”

I had NO idea Robert Altman directed that steaming pile of cowflop. I have to say, though, astorian, I wouldn’t say Altman is a no-talent ass. It’s just that he is wildly inconsistent.