o christmas tree - it's a topsy-turvy world!

Is it just me, or is this the dumbest idea ever to come out of the head of some small-time inventor toiling away in his basement for the next pet rock idea?

the upside-down christmas tree

Please, if any dopers see one of these in the wild, get a photo and e-mail it to me, as proof that there is someone willing to put up such a monstrosity in their home. It’s things like this that make me despair for the future of humanity. Perhaps the cockroaches should take over.


…it’s actually kinda cool-looking. Graceful. Vase-shaped. Like an elm, ya know? $135 is a little steep, but I bet they come down by next Christmas. :smiley:

Plus you notice how suddenly you can get ALL the presents around the base of the tree. Can’t do that with a regular tree.

The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get that I didn’t think of it first and patent it. Dang.

A nearby greenhouse has a pair of them that act as a second “arched” entranceway just inside the main entrance to the shop. In this case, they are suspended from one of the extra wide trellis arches that are sold in the summer, not mounted from the floor.
(I’m pretty sure they are not going to let me photograph it, although I suppose I could ask.)

Just before I got married I was one of 7 roommates in a large house. Three of the rooms were couples and I had the forth - we were all good friends. Because we had quite a lot of furniture in the living room, there wasn’t really space for a Christmas tree. This was not acceptable to roomie B., who adored all things Christmas. Our house always had a “no place to go for Christmas” party for all the people we knew with no family in town. I came in from school one afternoon to discover she had managed to hang a Christmas tree upside down from the living room ceiling. It looked quite nice when decorated and took up much less floor space, although you couldn’t see the TV very well from across the room anymore.

Hmm. The first I heard about this phenomenon was several weeks ago in a Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue, which said it was a “tradition in Europe” or somesuch. I never heard of it before.

Then a coworker a few days later, out of the blue (I live in Oklahoma by the way, and this coworker is as Oklahoman as you can get, born and raised), said “Oh in Branson they have these upside down Christmas trees, you hang them from the ceiling. They are so cool! We’re going to do that this Christmas!”. And they did.

Weird. I guess if you don’t have the room for a regular display, it makes sense though.

$135 for an upside down tree? Holy cow, I’m in the wrong business. Considers what I can hang upside down and sell for an astronomical price…

It does look kind of cool though–not at all like an upside down Christmas tree. If it were in my house, it would look like an upside down Christmas tree though.

This fad was on the news last year, when it was the rage. Some department store originaly used some upside down trees to maximize display space of decorations. I made up this email last year and sent it to some people I know.

The sign of the Devil is among you.

Worshipers of Satan are trying to trick honest Christians into displaying the inverted Christmas tree.

The inverted Christmas tree is like the inverted cross an affirmation of Satan as the Supreme Deity.

Please let your unsuspecting friends and relatives know that by displaying the inverted Christmas tree, they are showing their support for Satan.

I posted about this last year. I’m glad to see the idea still hasn’t caught on enough that people still think it’s new.

I meant to add that it was discussed on the board last Christmas. I hate the things so much, it inspired the email above.

One of the bars in York used to do it every year and I was told it was a tradition from “the old country.” (OK, they didn’t really say “the old country” but I can’t remember which country it was claimed to have come from.)

I have never seen it anywhere other than this bar in town.

Damn thing looks like a Triffid. I’m sure it’s an idea from the liberal left in their war on Christmas. My guess is that owners stand next to them screaming “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” at guests.

I work in a big Dutch shopping mall and yes, we’ve got them for sale. Nope, it’s not an European tradition or anything. Basically, every fake plastic tree we sell has some additional gear so you can hang it upside-down. Customers haven’t been amazingly interested in this feature, though.

Not only upside-down, but pre-lit!

Canadian Tire Catalogue

sporfle That’s… I have no words.

Thank you for the offer, tomndebb, but you don’t need to go to all that trouble. I can just picture it in my mind. Old world custom? No way! I have never seen it in Switzerland at any rate.

Ok, who wants to start with me the planning for next year’s Old world custom brought back to life: the sideways Christmas tree! Sticks out of the wall at head level, attached to a rail set in the wall so you can lower it up and down, and can rotate on its axis at the touch of another button. It makes decorating the tree a snap!

When I was a kid, my mom had a boyfriend who hung his tree from the ceiling by a huge spring. (That way the cat couldn’t eat it.) Of course, he decorated the tree after he lit the menorah while wearing a long, flowing caftan he’d acquired while backpacking around Sudan for 9 months.

He was quite a character, but he still hung the tree right-side-up.

You just don’t have enough vampires in the population. They hang upside down from the ceiling when watching television, so a tree that is upside down is really seen in the proper way. That’s why the graphics drivers on computers are made so you can rotate the screen 180 degrees. People that do a lot of yoga like to do it too.

We actually have a 9foot upside down christmas tree in the lobby of our hotel (american chain). The idea for the upside down tree came from our recently relocated american front office manager

So that explains the theory that it came from the old world! Some canadian brought over a tree from the Canadian tire company to Bavaria to hang in a hotel, and another wal-mart executive, on his christmas holiday, saw it and on his return told the Christmas marketing head honcho “Hey, in Germany they have upside-down Christmas trees! I saw one in the 500-year-old Tannenbaum Hotel in Niklausstadt!”. Thus an urban legend is born. Or maybe the CEO of Home Depot saw one in Québec City and for him Québec City was synonymous with Old World.

Let me guess. He was relocated to the South Pole.