O.J. beaten up; true?

Undependable gossip rags are reporting that O. J. Simpson has been beaten up in a prison fracas, ostensibly because he was overheard boasting about his prowess with white women. Skinheads were reported as responsible.

Any truth to this? I’m skeptical because so far I’m only seeing this story on online gossip mags.

Parallel thread and apparently, no, it’s not true according to the 2nd link in it.

I did do a search, but put periods in the “O.J.” part.

Huh. How do these things get started?

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

Agreed, but it’s false. It did not happen.

He’s working hard to find the people who really did do it though.

It’s the National Enquirer.
Their story is their cite.