OJ beaten up in prison

Guess he better keep his mouth shut now. Ended up in the infirmary for 3 weeks.

Wow, are we sure this is true?

He deserves worse, actually.

Wow, how do you choose who to root for between OJ and skinheads??

Did he decline to be someone’s bitch?

In the article his friend confirms that it is true.

No he doesn’t. Nobody does.

Except script kiddies.

I know he killed two people and all and deserves his punishment, but I can’t help feeling more pity than anger for him at this point. No 63 year-old deserves being beaten unconscious by a group of young punk skinheads.

Wait, the National Enquirer?

That’s just a tabloid, right?

True - but OJ comes closer than most. Remember, he was also a wife-beater for years before he was a murderer.

A “group” reportedly was enraged but the altercation was with a single young dermis-noggin.

Good to see A.C. Cowling still has something to do these days.

No matter who loses, we win. It’s like “Alien vs Predator” from the perspective of a misanthrope.

Pay no mind:

Bogus O.J. Simpson rumor has made the rounds before

Well… I guess that’s good then. A hard slapping wouldn’t have bothered me, mind you.

I’m rather surprised it *hasn’t *happened at some point. He’s not a popular guy. I bought into the story for awhile until this second link was posted.

There is a story that John Gotti paid the Aryan Brotherhood to make sure he did not get beat up while he was in prison.