OJ Simpson begs Obama for a pardon. What do you think?

Apparently, OJ Simpson either has brain cancer or he is trying to get the Pres to believe he has brain cancer.

In the story above, he is said to “beg the President” to give him a pardon so that he won’t have to die of brain cancer in jail.

What do you think? Should he be considered for some kind of humane treatment? Or should OBama let him die in jail?

My initial response is that there is just too much of a chance that he is trying to run yet another scam. How many crimes and scams should the state allow him to commit?

On the other hand, if he is telling the truth, does it make sense to give him some kind of clemency so that he can be transferred to a hospice? I hate to think of anyone dying of cancer in jail and if it’s a question of a year or less, I can’t see it being too much harm to let him die in a hospice.

What do you think?

This is a story from the National Enquirer via the Daily Mail. Did O.J. get his cancer from aliens?

I think there are probably lots of people who die of cancer or whatever in prison, but who aren’t OJ Simpson and don’t have the opportunity to ask the president anything. Of course there should be a medical part of the prison so sick prisoners can be taken care of with compassion and relieved of pain, but it’s not fair for the famous guy to get special treatment.


I had no idea. I just saw the New Zealand Herald and assumed (oh dear) that it was some reputable publication.

In addition, I saw this story elsewhere and used Google to find several sources.

If you Google, “oj simpson cancer”, you will see many pages of links to various newspapers.

But, I honestly have no idea as to the validity of this story. It sure does look valid.

Wasn’t OJ convicted in a Nevada court? Isn’t he serving time in a Nevada prison? How can Obama pardon state crimes?

All those links seem to eventually go back to the same National Enquirer story.

doubt it will happen. Obama hates football

Valid or not let him die where he sits. Or maybe excise the cancer or tumor and do some experimenting…

I am pretty sure the president only pardons people for federal crimes, and I think OJ was convicted of a state crime.

Correct; OJ would need to beg the Governor of Nevada for a pardon. Obama can’t do anything.

He should be given all the consideration and sympathy he gave his wife. Fuck him.

Assuming that whatever prison he’s in doesn’t have sick prisoners sprawled out across the dungeon floor, dying a slow painful death, he should have access to whatever basic medical care is provided by the prison. Anyway, I highly doubt Obama is going to bother pardoning him, as it would create pointless anger.

First they have to find the real cancer.

People should only be let out of prison if they are exonerated on an appeal or something of that sort or have served their term (or rather whatever ridiculously minuscule portion is required because the poor prisoners are too crowded). Get diagnosed with some dread disease while serving your term? Tough. Go to a prison ward or something. No going free.

Compassion? Letting someone out early because they’re sick isn’t very compassionate to the victims.

If the story originated in the National Enquirer, it was extraterrestrial aliens. If from the Daily Mail, illegal aliens (from Romania).

Fuck me, was I the only person in the world who didn’t know OJ was in jail at all?

This is on the cover of the National Enquirer, and judging by the photoshop job they did, it is a fabrication.

Maybe this might be an opportunity to give the families of his victims some small measure of happiness?

What if OBama tells OJ’s lawyer that he will leave the decision up to Ron Goldman’s family and Nichole’s family. That might serve two birds with one stone.

It might give the families something they would never have before expected.

And it might make OJ reflect on the notion that what goes around comes around.

I don’t know. As long as it wouldn’t do anyone any harm, it might actually do some good for the families of OJ’s victims.

Let the bastard rot.

Have you read the replies? Obama has nothing to do with state laws - he can’t do anything in this situation. And if he could, he certainly wouldn’t.

Yes. He should be put down like my parents did to my pet dog Terry, when he lost control of his bowels back in 1959.