OJ Simpson begs Obama for a pardon. What do you think?

Fake or not (and I agree with fake), does anyone really expect Simpson to serve all of the 33 year sentence? I’d expect him to get out on parole after the nine year mandatory (so around 2017/2018).

If only the rest of the President’s tasks were this easy to figure out.

I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was ALIENS!:stuck_out_tongue:

Wait! Oprah’s getting MARRIED???

Yes, despite the extremely severe sentence, I do think he’ll be released. If they treat him like a regular Joe, he will almost certainly qualify for parole and it will be hard to justify keeping him in prison.

Aside from the fact that Obama couldn’t pardon him if he wanted to, Obama’s about as big a fan of clemency as he is of civil liberties. Can’t really see him making an exception for the Juice.

But they have to let OJ out in time for the filming of the new Naked Gun movies!

You capitalized Obama as OBama twice in this thread. It’s not an Irish name. It’s Obama.

The severe sentence was partly compensation for him getting away with murder. I don’t think anybody seriously doubts this.

Anyway, my opinion is that clemency should be used to correct a miscarriage of justice. Not to let sick convicts get off early. Plus, modern medical treatments mean that “terminal” people can and do live for years. Look at the Lockerbie bomber. Or that other guy from Britain who recently died, years & years after being given only months to live.

Could be Black Irish. :wink:

He was way overcharged. If anyone else had retrieved their own personal property they would have only gotten a few years in prison. Implied force was used and supposedly one of the guys had a gun. Two or three years prison makes sense. Maybe even 5.

But 33 years? Thats just wrong.

I don’t have a problem if OJ gets paroled. He’s already served way more time than a street mugger would.

It would be interesting to compare what other criminals get. Like a street mugger that points a gun and gets someones smart phone. Or even a house invasion where people are threatened and robbed. I doubt they get more than 8 to 10 years. They’re probably out because of over crowding in 5 years.

Is that why they call him Red?

If only medical science had discovered a way to check and find out for sure whether or not someone has brain cancer, so we’re not stuck just having to take his word for it…

I’m all in favor of giving him a new trial, just so long as there’s a change of venue to Mississippi.

They need to let him out so that he can resume his relentless search for Nicole’s true killer.

IF it can be proved that he has brain cancer I might be inclined to spring him. If he remains incarcerated, tax payers will foot the bill for his treatment. If he gets out he will have pay.

:dubious: The president has no authority to pardon Mr. Simpson, who was convicted in a state court. It would be up to the governor or the applicable entity in that state to issue a pardon. Clearly the “New Zealand Herald” has a firm grasp of United States law…

ETA “…The National Inquirer reports…” (ah).

I’ll admit, my first reaction was that Mr. Simpson is an idiot; then after reading the first paragraph, that it looked like a straight reporting of a foreign paper duped by the National Enquirer.

However I then noticed this “world headline” in the sidebar:
“Pilot ‘ducked’ in near-miss with UFO near Heathrow”…

OJ Simpson should certainly be treated humanely. While he rots in jail.

If the lump don’t fit, you must acquit!