O.J. is a sexist bastard who can burn in hell

In a recent post, it was stated as follows:

OJSimpson responded to this post as follows:

Now I contend that OJSimpson is sexist for the following reasons:

  1. He assumes that the male figure’s activities take precidence: “Waited till you were done while keeping her fucking mouth shut” And not only do the male’s activities take precedence in this case, but it appears that mr. Simpson is implying that the female figure has no right to argue against said precedence.

  2. OJ also contendts that women are required to give sexual favors for acts that are granted to the male figure without question.

  3. OJ even goes as far as to suggest that the male has the right to BEAT the women for the simple crime of asking to use the telephone:

In conclusion, It is my belief that for the predefined reasons OJSimpson is a sexist bastard and should be at the least repremanded and shunned by other dopers, at and the most he should be kicked from the board for his blatant disrespect for equal rights among sexes. I leave it to my fellow dopers, as judge, jury, and executioner, to carry out justice.

Well, well. One post and you’ve already started a thread in the pit.

Do you know what lurk means?

OJ is gone.


Uh, Tokugawa, have some tea. Calm down.

The OJSimpson poster has been utterly shunned by everyone except LionelMandrake since it began posting. In the very first example of true Coventry that I have actually seen practiced in over two years, we are ignoring it.

Thanks for your concern, but for once we are already handling a situation like this appropriately. Welcome to the MB (and don’t let the trolls nibble your toes).


Wait a second now Wally, my very first post was in the pit. You know that, because you were there.

Does this make me a putz too ?


I understand why O.J.'s post pissed you off. But if you start threads about him, you will only encourage his sock puppet friend (s) to show up.


No, you’re not a putz, Ayesha.

You’re a troll killer, not a troll resurrector.

OJ hasn’t posted in 6 days because everyone ignored him. When he sees a thread devoted to him, he’ll come back to revel in it and we’ll have to start all over again.

Ok then, as long as you still love me. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I’m glad to see your wife posting, I’ve read some of her stuff, she’s good.

Oh wait, this the pit.

Uh, you nibble.

Now I have to go make Lion’s dinner like a good wife. Tuna cassarole, yummy. :wink:



Welcome back OJ…wonder how long you’ll get to stay this time