O Weena, Weena, wherefore art thou Weena?

At the end of that marvelous 1960 George Pal movie “The Time Machine” , the time traveller takes three books to help him build a civilization for the Eloi.

What three single books would you take? (You can use either specific books and/ or a generic type of book.)

I would take:

  1. A good grammar/dictionary - while the Eloi speak a simple English, they have lost the ability to read and write. Being able to transmit information between generations is critical for the long term development of a society/culture and this will be useful for you (and them when you are no longer around). And Weena seems to be the type that would like something like Harlequin romances so you better keep her happy and get the not yet formed Eloi writer’s guild busy cranking them out.

  2. A first aid and basic medical guide. Like it or not you are now the Eloi’s chief (actually one and only) medical officer. So you will have to know everything from fixing little boo boos to delivering the next generation or two of little Eloi.

  3. A good book on farming and animal husbandry. While the Eloi are no longer the main course for the Morlocks they are also not getting their main course from the Morlocks. Food producction is going to be high on your list of way too many things to do.

*For those of you in the listening audience not familiar with either the movie or the book (which was written by H.G. Wells), they describe the far future in a world devastated by wars in which humanity has evolved into two branches - the evil (by civilized sensibilities anyway - I suppose some might find them brave, noble or misunderstood - but whatever) Morlocks who live underground and the naive simple Eloi who live on the surface. The Morlocks provide everything for the Eloi and in exchange the Eloi are kibble for the Morlocks. The time traveller destroys the Morlocks which leaves the Eloi in a rather precarious situation since they now have to provide for themselves.