O You Wacky Canadians: Avril Lavigne engaged to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger


Man, from Sk8tr Boi, to marrying the Sum 41 guy, to now the Nickelback guy - too funny…

This has been all over the radio today, with an emphasis on how “repulsive” Chad Kroeger is. He’s not my idea of a dream boat, and goodness knows Nickelback sucks cheese, but is Kroeger really considered that unattractive? I remember a couple of years ago one of the stations had a “my boyfriend is uglier than Chad Kroeger” contest where girls would send in pictures of their boyfriends and the audience would vote online. At the time I didn’t know what he looked like so when I google him I expected some hideous creature. Nope. Just an average dude with an admittedly stupid haircut.

Repulsive? Maybe not. Comes across as douchey? Probably. He looks like Nicholas Cage in a movie that requires yet another bad wig, and that’s not a good thing.

At least he can settle on the fact that his music is good…:dubious:

I think she’s just trying to emulate Pamela Anderson, but with a bit more jingoism, and a bit less sex-tapiness.

The man looks awful. And even though there’s only a ten-year age difference, he looks old enough to be Avril Lavigne’s father.

So why not turn it around: 'Well done Chad!!" wink wink, nudge nudge.

Because Lavigne, while very cute and with a decent voice, looks about 14 and, between the persona in her songs and her actions IRL, comes across like a petulant little child. If it turned out he was hittin’ it, okay - but marrying a Mean Girl/high-maintenance trainwreck like her? Eeeesh.

Argh! This reminds me a hilarious photoplasty on Cracked.com. I forgot what the category was, but the picture was entitled “Cloning perfected, but only for Chad Kroeger”

Lol. The Sun is calling it The Unholy Alliance.

That headline will have a limited shelf life.

He likes her pants around her feet.

Lavigne is 27 years old and has been married once already. Kroeger may be ten years older but he’s hardly defiling some innocent virgin.

Besides Canada needs to breed the next generation of pop stars.

Well, with the mother of Rufus Wainwright’s kid being Lorca Cohen (daughter of Leonard), there seems to be a musical breeding program started already.

Yes, this does more to rock my faith in a just and loving Almighty than all the proselytizing on this board ever could! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what you’d call a fusion of Cohen’s and Wainwright’s musical genres but I’m pretty sure it won’t be pop music.

Indeed, to the lead singer of Sum 41, IIRC. Kroeger may need to get worried if in a few years Lavigne starts spending a lot of time listening to the New Pornographers or Hot Hot Heat.

Some Canadian doper used to post on threads about Avril that he knew someone who had worked with Avril and apparently had come to the conclusion while she’s a nice enough person, she is also quite stupid.
So, yeah, this…doesn’t surprise me that much.

So wait…does this mean ugly is “in” this year? This could be good news for some of us.

I’m a poor judge of male attractiveness but I look at a picture of Chad Kroeger and I’m not seeing him as ugly. I mean Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger and Justin Hawkins and Shane McGowan are ugly - imagine any of these guys trying to pick up women if they weren’t famous. But the worst you can say about Kroeger is he’s average looking and has stupid hair.

I think many people transfer Nickelback’s “ugly” music onto their opinions’ of the frontman’s appearance; however subconsciously. If Chad were just some guy, and a pic of him popped up, I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t describe him as “ugly”. Shit, some many even call him attractive. But he is forever linked as the image of the band who gave us hits such as “Hero”. :rolleyes: Nuff said.

Either way, he looks like her dad. Plus, while Avril may be 27, the persona she has worked to attach herself to has been one of teeny-bopper, bubble-gum snappin’ sixteen year old girl. They should star in their own Cialis commercial now. How perfect that would be. :smiley:

I presume they met at their “Haters Gonna Hate” support group.