Obama and Mrs. Biden in lip-lock - twice!

I was reading an article and came across this pic, which shows Joe Biden embracing and kissing Michelle Obama, apparently on the cheek, but also Barack apparently about to kiss Mrs. Biden on the lips!:


Then I go to YouTube and find this:

Again with the apparent lip-kissing between these two. That’s kinda weird! Are we gonna see Wife Swap: White House Edition" on ABC?


What’s the debate?

Is there anything going on? Or do they just have a weird way of greeting each other?

No, see, it only counts as being in bed with the other team if you, well…

I doubt there is anything going on, but how hard was it to type that post with one hand?

Oh, thank you. Thank you. I like to start my work day with a laff. Well done.:smiley:

I guess this is a mundane pointless thing you’d like to share huh:smack::o

Ok, ok, I considered MPSIMS, but since it had to do with politics I put it here. So let’s debate that huh?
Seriously though, you didn’t see Reagan lip-kissing Barbara Bush, or Clinton and Tipper Gore, or GWB and Mrs. Cheney. Isn’t there some sort of etiquette that you don’t lip-kiss other guy’s wives?

Personal insults are not allowed in any forum other than the BBQ Pit. This is an official warning not to do this again.

Meanwhile, I’m moving this thread to MPSIMS.

Scared me for a minute, I thought this was the new Dr. Laura forum.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

So joking that someone is masturbating to a (to some people I guess) titillating picture/situation is a personal insult now? This is the first time I’ve ever questioned a mod but damn if that does not seem right to me.

Everybody masturbates. No offense taken. Although I didn’t find that picture particularly titillating.

I bet McCain is wishing his VP was this close.

Well, for a parallel, McCain would have to kiss Palin’s husband, and Palin would have to kiss Cindy McCain. Rrrrowr!

If they could guarantee this, they might get my vote.


But, no, I wouldn’t mind seeing this. :smiley:

Mr. Palin is a good looking man, and McCain WAS in prison…

It’s kind of an American thing to kiss everybody on the lips, isn’t it? I know I was a little freaked out when some of the mothers of my friends would kiss their kids on the lips (a smack, no tongue!) and then kiss me on the lips, too. I understand what it meant - “You are like my own child to me” but we certainly don’t kiss anyone on the lips except our SO where I come from!

Anyway, “Mod Sweater”? Is it made from alpacas?

Yeah, I agree with MikeG…this didn’t come across as an insult at all, merely a joke. A funny one, at that.

Quoting from the Great Debates rules:

I felt that accusing somebody of jerking off to videos of Obama and Jill Biden kissing was close enough. You could call it breaking a GD rule instead of an insult, but I think it’s a distinction without a difference.