I was going to post a tasteless thread about the Obama's doin' it in the White House

But now I don’t want to know…


I want to un-think it.

Damn I can’t even figure out what she thinks she meant by that.

Apparently the Obamas are touching, kissing, even fisting. The White House will never be the same.

Do people not think through what they’re saying? Good God.

Makes you wonder what President’s fisted in the White House and which did not?

I bet James Garfield was a fister. I’m just sayin’.

I so wish it was 2 minutes ago

Here’s some enlightenment.

Jesus, that’s priceless.

we could run with this.

I’m thinking Nixon was a man who clearly did not fist!

Pat Nixon did.


I’m 98% sure she has no idea what fisting means. Which makes her an idiot for not looking the term up before using it on-air. Does this remind anyone of the McDonalds commericals where people claimed they’d like to “hit that” while looking at fastfood?
why is there an apostrophe in the thread title?

Does anyone have brain bleach? Is there enough brain bleach left for me? :eek:

The other woman in the clip laughed nervously, so I think she knew what it meant.

elfkin477, I remember that ad. It was hilarious! The dude was leering at the sandwich, which made it so much worse/funnier.

Clinton almost certainly did.

Palin was gonna; in the Lincoln Bedroom, Oh YA, You Betcha!

It’s even worse when you think of it the other way around, mutually fisting. Meaning Michelle to Barack too. No, you can’t have my remaining brain bleach I need it all to forget that one.

Am I a bad person if this makes me think of a pig with lipstick?

I’m betting Rosalyn Carter was a TOTAL FREAK!!!

There are two, but the first is appropriate because it’s a possessive before a gerund. That gerund, however, is truncated with an apostrophe to represent common pronunciation.

Holy shit, I just woke up the whole block.

Well played, sir or ma’am.


If that were the case, then the possessive would have been “the Obamas’re”

As for who did what, I’m betting James Buchanan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’m just loving that an “expert” on physical affection has no idea what fisting is.

Yeah, I want her to be my Love Doctor. Snerk.

I think I’d make her brain ass-plode. :smiley:

No, it’d be " the Obamas’ "