Oberman: Bush on Osama

I think I recall a semi recent thread about GWB saying some thing about Osama to the effect that 'I’m not that concerned about him" and various folks not able to prove Bush said that.

well I’m looking at the late version of Oberman from Friday 10/20/06, and they ran a clip where Bush says pretty much exactly that.

my recollolation is that in that other thread (wasn’t able to find it) was that no one could find substantiation of the quote, and all the ‘I heard it’ was ignored ‘cause folks werent’ certain of the date of the segmant.

any one still want to claim that\ Bush never said he wasn’t concerned about Bin Laden?

It was assembled from other phonemes Bush spoke. Uh, it was a Bush impersonator. Er, he said “Obama,” like Barack Obama.

Well, I tried.

Cite it and we’ll see.

Bush on Osama. Quite possibly the worst slash ever.

Of course, you did sort of cite it. I haven’t seen it yet, though, and I’ll want to see it for myself. Hopefully someone will post a link to the vid soon.

“Pretty much exactly that”? What does that mean. BTW, here’s the GQ thread I started on the subject. Bush said something kinda like that, but not exaclty like that. If you want to put it in quotes, it has to be exact. That’s all.

The relevant quote is from a news conference on March 13, 2002 (no video):

You are absolutely right, John Mace, **wring ** was imprecise in his quote; he left out the intensifier “truly”, which makes the quote only that much more damning.

Yeah, you’re right. The thread that the OP is talking about, though, was not over the quote the OP posted. It was about this “quote”:

“I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority”

Which is quite different.

the quote that I referenced in the OP was said. (lacking, of course, the word ‘truly’). I would also suggest that the actual quote is damning.

so no to “not our priority” but yes to “not that concerned” not all that different, but won’t use quote marks for priority.

by the way, wring=female.

Give John a break; he enjoys every opportunity to help gloss over the missteps of this Administration. Playing semantic hair-splitting over George’s non-fretting over Number One Terrorist is just a warm-up exercise to him. :slight_smile:

John, I respect you tremendously, but why can’t you concede that the content of those quotes are basically the same? Are you just trying to save face?

It’s this kind of semantic nitpickery that makes me want to align myself with the anti-intellectuals.

looked back at the GQ thread and realize that John was disputing the specific quote, not the general sentiment.

John, IIRC, I war the originator of your semantic quibble. After much googling and more of the latter, I withdrew said statement.

Seeing it brough-up again, methinks I shouldn’t have: substance of Dubya’s quote remains the same whether he is “not our priority” or “not that concerned.” I mean this really is picking at nits.

And for what? For The Man who boasted he’d get him “dead or alive”? You’d think he’d be at least a bit “concerned” as to his whereabouts. Or did I get that one wrong as well?

Well, then. I apologize, John Mace.

Yes, in fact whenever this comes up I usually show the quote from the actual press conference to point out that it had been doctored to make it look worse. Yes, Bush tried to downplay the fact that that he hadn’t found ObL, and in his mumbling, bumbling way he sounded rather stupid. So, if you’re going to quote him, use the words he actually said instead of something made up. That’s all.

I started that GQ thread because this seems to come up a lot.

THe Daily Show has played several clips where Bush expresses the same sentiment. So it was the “message” for a while, not just a one-off bumble.

I tried to bring this up in the last pit thread about this but it was sort of ignored and probably rightly so. I couldn’t offer any proof other then what I read at a message board. I did find a link to the interview but the link wasn’t working and probably removed. I emailed two people about how I could find the video and didn’t hear back from them. Maybe someone here more knowledgeable would know a way to go out finding it but I don’t.

From what I’ve read, and I have no other proof supposedly than that, Bush didn’t make that statement in the press conference, he made it later in an an interview with Brian Williams.

Here is where I read that, about half way down. The general consensus on a pro-Bush board was that he did say it the day after it happened. No one is disputing it.


Even without being doctored, it’s bad enough as it is.

Oh, and wring? It’s Olbermann. :wink: (Sorry, I’m a huge Keith fan)

yea, I know - I’m using a cranky keyboard.

Ouch, been there, done that. My sympathies.