Obi Wan Kenobi series to start filming in March, {Now showing as of June 2022}

I hope they have at least one Jar Jar scene so some people’s heads explode

Needless to say, I’m excited to see this show. :smiley:

George Lucas is back to write and direct!! :slight_smile: don’t worry just kidding

Deborah Chow is going to direct the whole series, and she did a couple of the more action-oriented episodes on The Mandalorian (the one where the other Mandos attack on jet packs, and also the first half of the finale). That might indicate a bit what kind of series it will be.

And it’s almost here. May 25th.

How are they going to work Grogu into this one?

Well there would be a story on how Grogu got from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to being on Tatooine.

Is this gonna be another show based on Tatooine? AYFKM. I’m really tired of sand. Please say it isn’t so.

How could it not be?

It’s so. The plot summary, on Wikipedia:

Nothing in canon which says old Ben didn’t leave Tatooine occasionally.

Grogu was being held on Arvala-7, not Tatooine. It’s a completely different desert planet with Jawas and moisture farms.

If Obi-Wan was going to spend his life watching over Luke, why not just raise him himself? With Yoda. Ya know, with Luke being the last best hope for the galaxy, and all.

I get the impression that the plan was to keep Luke and Leia away from the Jedi for as long as possible, so they could avoid making the same mistakes they’d made with their father and ensure that they grew to be the kind of people who could use the Force for good.

(And yes, Owen wasn’t “family” so much as he was Luke’s grandma’s stepson, but that was as close as he had.)

The poster makes it look like there will be a lot of Tatooine, but we are all hoping that the storyline will be mostly offworld, more of a pursuit plot. Also, Anakin is going to be in it in some way, and there’s no way he’d come back to his least favourite place in the galaxy.

Tell me about it. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Take him to his family, you must. Hide you must, down road from Darths only living relatives you will. Found out, you won’t be.

still hoping for Jar Jar

I hope they spend several episodes retconning the Sandpeople into noble savages. We really need to spend some time there and have old Ben Kenobi atone for his prejudices.

Bill Maher mentioned why is so much SF set in the desert? Might be because LA has desert nearby making it easy to film. Even many westerns are filmed in the desert.