Obi Wan Kenobi series to start filming in March, {Now showing as of June 2022}


Once more into the beach!

There’s only one bloody planet in Star Wars!!

This is the only show in which a Tatooine setting is actually justified!

Hello there!

Actually, looks like Nar Shadaa is there too. (But it’s probably Coruscant, ech.)

I thought it was Palpatine saying “The key…is patience”…and the rest was Hugo Weaving. Or bloody Ross Marquand.

Apparently Im wrong on all counts.


That looks wizard. (I’m bringing it back!)

In my Google News feed I saw speculation that supports a spoiler I saw in a Google News feed (damn it!) before TBoBF came out.

The spoiler was that Harrison Ford had reportedly filmed scenes for de-aging for either TboBF or Obi Wan. The speculation is that apparently a blaster that looks like Han’s is visible for 0.05 seconds in the trailer.

Inquisitor Palooza sounds like a name George Lucas would come up with for a character.

Yep, it looks like the Imperial Inquisitors from the Rebels animated series are crossing over into live-action canon. Including the whirly lightsabers. I wonder if they’ll use them to do the Mary Poppins bit in the live-action version…

Dancing with porgs?

Premier episode moved from Wed to Fri, May 27. Good news is they will realease TWO episodes on that day:


Still cant believe they wont have it ready by 5/4/22

I just hope Obi-Wan has this cool ride:

New trailer for Star Wars Day, some stuff is the same as the previous trailer, but there is new scenes:


And according to young Luke, was the boringest planet in the universe.

A scene in the new trailer makes me wonder if we’re going to see the first time Obi-Wan realized Vader was Anakin.

ETA: Although I suppose Palpatine did name him “Lord Vader” before the suit, right?