Object Required [Errors on Straight Dope - ed. title]

I’m getting intermittent “Object required” errors on the front page, and on Cecil’s classic column page about the Singing Nun. Please report to Jerry. Thanks.


ETA: If anyone esle is having different problems, currently, you might log them here.

Not sure what’s going on. I tried the front page and the classic referenced in IE, Firefox, and Opera and did not have the same error. I did get an error in Opera – the SD logo didn’t display – but I have an older version so that could be the problem. Or perhaps the front page is not to Opera’s liking somehow, I need to investigate further.

Anyone else note anything strange? Well, stranger than usual.

Liberal, what are you using to access the board? Operating system, browser, etc, the usual routine, please.

Actually I just refreshed my Opera page and everything rendered correctly. So that’s fine too.

Liberal, please tell us what’s happening on your side.

It’s intermittent, Tuba. I can refresh repeatedly, and the error comes and goes. The line number and URL vary too. I’m using IE7 on Windows XP. I can’t be sure, but it seems to correlate with certain ads, especially Ford.

Here is one message I just got in its entirety:

Line: 10
Char: 26
Error: Object expected
Code: 0
URL: http://media.chicagoreader.com/phpAdsNewer/adframe.php?n=a510ced8&what=zone259

I use IE 7 on Win XP and I’m having no trouble at all. I was earlier in the day using Macs and was having no trouble. I am guessing, Lib, that it’s at your end, not the Reader’s. :slight_smile:

I got a popup ad on the nun article, one of those “You computer may be infected. Download EZDriveKeeperCleanerPlus?” or whatever boxes. You probably think I’m infected with some adware, except I’m running Firefox on Linux. Perhaps there’s a goofy acting banner ad being rotated in that is causing problems?

Yes, the problem appears to be on the ad server and we have no control over that.

I will pass this on to the ad guys and Jerry, that’s their department.