Objectionable "Non Sequiter" comic

My local newspaper decided that Friday’s Non Sequiter comic strip was objectionable and printed just a blank space with a note explaining that it was cut and that they didn’t have a replacement in time. Did your paper print it? Do you find it objectionable?

people still read the newspaper?

anyway I think it’s fine and people need to lighten up

He totally screwed it up.

It should simply read: “They all look alike to me.” Then it would have enough satirical weight to override any objection.

People are certainly thin-skinned these days.

Thin-pelted, even.

I read the comic and was left wondering where the fuck this would be so objectionable. I expected the OP to live in some backwater, but Cleveland? Really?!

The name of the strip is “Non Sequitur”. I don’t get the outrage.

The San Antonio Express-News printed it.

I thought it was kind of dumb. If I over-think it, I could see the joke’s “message” could be considered insensitive, but not objectionable. My mother didn’t get the joke at first. After I explained it, she thought the message was distinctly anti-racism.

If the predators had not all been white, the artist might have pre-empted some (but not all, I expect) of the overreaction, I guess.

For that matter, if the bear and fox are white, is this an arctic hare trying to make an ID? You’d think he’d be white, too.

It shows a rabbit looking at a bunch of predators and saying they all look alike to him, i.e. all predators look alike. Out in the real world, a common thing for white people to say about black people is that they all look alike. So the cartoon kind of draws an equivalence between black people and predators. I don’t know if that was the intention, but it’s certainly possible to read it that way.

Um, objectionable? It’s making fun of the phrase. That’s a good thing, right?

Humor is supposed to make fun of our social mores.
This does so.

I definitely read it as making fun of the phrase and people who think like that. Not objectionable, but not particularly funny either.

I would argue that it’s just as common for white people to say that about Asian people.

And it’s a real thing, everyone does it, not just racists. Yes, you too, to one extent or another. E.g. Asian people look more different and easier to discriminate if you move to Asia for a few years and get constant exposure.

ETA: maybe not all of that article is completely revelant, the social psych stuff seems to go off into the bias direction.

The Oregonian printed it. I thought it was amusing. Sue me.

Yes, some of us even *write *for newspapers.

Psst – we try to keep that quiet. Don’t blow my cover.

Funny how insensitive sensitivity often is…

Hey, it’s Ohio, heart of the Midwest. (I am a native.) Ohio isn’t Alabama, but it’s hardly the West Coast either. More importantly, Cleveland has a significant African-American population. Knowing that, What Manduck said is very relevant:

I’m assuming this came from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a general interest (i.e., not alternative) paper. Those papers have to think of EVERYTHING that could cause offense. Given who the Plain Dealer’s readership and community are, I understand the paper yanking the strip.