Oblivious GOP official on last night's Daily Show

Even Aasif Mandvi couldn’t hide how shocked he was.

Anyway for those who missed it, Don Yelton, a GOP precinct chair in North Carolina, made some pretty inflammatory remarks during a Daily Show interview last night.

In addition to complaining about “lazy blacks” and how blacks can use the n-word (except he didn’t use the term “the n-word,” he just came right out and said it), he also basically admitted the main raison d’etre for the voter ID law recently passed in North Carolina was “to kick Democrats in the butt.”

Oh, and just to be clear he wasn’t racist, he also said one of his best friends is black.

I hope we get a chance to follow up with that black friend in the near future.
Oh wait - he just stepped down from his position.

Still this is my favorite part of that article:

Uh, you can’t, sorry. He’s, like, Canadian, and really hot too. And he totally exists, guys, come on.

I sort of agree with you. I think black should be left out of it. We should focus on lazy people and how the govt makes them even lazier and more dependent. But race is a non-existent category. What is race? does anyone know? I don’t.

The best part (or at least the part that had me bent over laughing) was when he started hard at Mandvi trying to figure out if he was black or Hispanic or “Muslim” or “other”.

When he settled on “black”, I ran out of breath.

What he meant was that one of his best friends was NAMED ‘Black’.

Billy Joe-Bob Black, in case you need to know.

The Daily Show piece, and the interview, concerned the law recently enacted in NC requiring voters to present a government-issued photo ID at the polls. I am happy to hear you are against this blatant effort to make people more dependent on government.

I was even happier the asshat admitted the voter ID law was meant to stick it to the Democrats rather than prevent voter fraud.

I can’t believe he hasn’t learned how to speak in code at his age.

cornopean, just so you know - voting turns you gay.

I thought better of my comment.

(drowns out the rest with “Trollololololololoolo”)

I can’t believe he hasn’t learned to shut the fuck up.
But I’m glad to see it.

So the new guiding principle is it’s wrong to disenfranchise black voters because of their race. But it’s okay to disenfranchise black voters for non-racial reasons.

Yeah. For a “non-existent category,” it sure matters a lot to conservative people in power (and a lot not in power).

I couldn’t fucking believe what I was seeing.

It’s one thing to be dumb enough to think it. How can a person who rose to a position of importance be dumb enough to *say *it???

Cornpone buddy, you really need to go on the Daily Show.
You know… As sort of an encore to Mr. Yelten.

You haven’t participated in much local politics, have you? Precinct chair is not a position of importance, nor is it one you rise to. It’s one you get because of the three people from your precinct to show up at the party meeting, the other two said they were busy before you managed to.

In addition to all the obvious drivel he was saying, as has already been pointed out, at one point he said something about people who were too lazy to go down to the DMV and get a “free ID card”. When I moved down to NC I had to pay for my state ID card, and last year I had to pay to get it renewed. Has the DMV been scamming me?

The first segment (on Jim Cramer/JP Morgan) was breathtakingly brilliant.

A racist in the GOP? Shocking!