Obscure movie name request: Ernest Borgnine as himself

Maybe it was a TV movie.

There are two guys peddling a script and they bump into Ernest Borgnine in a supermarket parking lot. They have a brief banter and then walk away. Then they turn and charge toward Borgnine to give him the script and Borgnine jumps into his car as if Jason from Friday the 13th is after him.

That’s the way I remember it, anyway.

The Hollywood joke is that self-proclaimed producers will push a script onto any celebrity they meet. And the celebrity will run.

Does this scene sound remotely familiar to anyone?

Was it possibly Mistress? That was a movie about guys trying to make a movie and Borgnine is credited with a cameo role playing himself.

I think that this was the film. It’s also known as Hollywood Mistress and it was on heat rotation on USA Network in the mid to late 1990s

Yeah, that’s 1992’s Mistress alright.

Since it has been answered, I’ll just add this:

There’s an obscure little video called Ernest Borgnine on the Bus. Actually, it’s not a bus, but his motorhome. No plot to the video, more of a documentary-style video showing that Borgnine earned enough money that he doesn’t have to work, and when he’s not working he just hits the road in his motorhome and travels around meeting people and just enjoying the hell out of himself in what for a lot of people would be quiet retirement. Well, also the fact that his wife has done quite well with her cosmetics line ensures that he doesn’t have to work.

As an incidental note, Borgnine also plays himself in that Simpsons episode about the junior campers.
It doesn’t end well.

the ending was hard to bear.

Don’t forget folks, by June 2050 we’ll all be Ernest Borgnines!

You guys, thanks a ton for supplying the name to the movie. I don’t know why I should be amazed; you would think I would have come to expect such knowledge from you.