Obscure Reference in Old Steely Dan Song

I think the song was in their album “Royal Scam”…anyway, the words are “bring back…Boston Blackey”
Anybody know who or what “Boston Blackey” was? I never heard of it.

Boston Blackie but the lyric was “bring back the Boston rag” wasn’t it?

Doesn’t Jimmy Buffet reference that in “Pencil Thin Mustache”?

A two toned Ricky Ricardo jacket
And an autographed picture of Andy Devine

Is Googling that difficult for you, ralph124c? You start to enter the words “Boston Blackey” in the Google browser. You get as far as “Boston Blac” and it’s already showing you nothing but references to “Boston Blackie”. In fact, you get as far as “Boston Bl” and the top reference it shows you is “Boston Blackie”.

Are you talking about The Boston Rag? from Countdown to Ecstasy?

Bring back the boston rag
Tell all your buddies
That it ain’t no drag
Bring back the boston rag

Google ran over ralph’s dog, so he refuses to use it.

And let’s not even talk about what his spell checker did.

In the old song Searchin’ by the Coasters (I think) several old time radio detectives are mentioned in passing: Charley Chan, Bulldog Drummond, and Boston Blackie.

I wish I had a pencil-thin mustache.
The Boston Blackie kind.


If everyone Googled their questions instead of asking here this would be a very quiet message board.

They must be a pain to maintain, especially with a modern 5 blade razor. It would probably require an old fashioned cut-throat razor.

He was one of the fictional detectives referenced in the song “Searchin’”:

“Well Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade got nothing, child, on me.
Sergeant Friday, Charlie Chan, and Boston Blackie.”

Obscure Reference in old Jimmy Buffett Song.

I think the song was on his album “Living & Dying in ¾ Time”…anyway, the words are “Ricky Ricardo jacket.”

Anybody know who or what “Ricky Ricardo” was? I never heard of it.

Who is this Jimmy Buffet everyone is taking about?

I just noticed for several weeks on one of the secondary broadcast TV neteworks (you know a step below Fox and CW) was re-running Boston Blackie films on Saturdays. I saw several.

And just a couple of days ago i saw a fellow with a pencil thin moustache on an elevator. They are uncommon.

IIRC, Boston Blackie in those old movies didn’t have a pencil-thin – or any other – moustache.

Ah, some googling reveals that the movie BB (what I saw) was a clean-shaven Chester Morris while the moustached BB was in a television series.

Hoping that the question was serious, Ricky Ricardo was the Cuban band leader spouse of Lucy Ricardo, portrayed by Desi Arnaz on the “I love Lucy” TV show.

The Ricky Ricardo jacket is a short-waisted style of sports jacket, often with contrasting shoulders

Dare I ask who Dr. Wu is/was?