Observation about George Mason on 24 SPOILERS

I re-watched the first season the other day, and noticed something about George Mason.

In the first episode, Jack blackmailed George by telling him he would report the “missing” 200,000 dollars from the drug dealers bust money. George gave in, possibly meaning that he had stolen the money.

Now fast foward to the new season, George is dying of radiation poisoning, and brings in his son to talk to him. While he is talking to him, he gives him a card to a bank account with "a couple hundred thousand dollars in it.

Is that money from the drug bust? Is Mason really dirty? What do all of you think?

I assumed it was just his real bank account. He gave all his money away to his son because he had no other family to give it to…

You made an interesting connection, but I think you’re thinking too hard. I doubt the directors would put that kind of subtlety in.