"24" Season 2, Episode 7 - 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

24, Season 2
Episode 7
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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Another good episode. Man, I love this show.

First off, a couple questions, and then on to the thoughts and speculation; Does anyone know the name of the abusive dad? -or- Who’s Terry? Also, Did anyone catch what the abusive Dad’s job was?

Anyway, onward with the spoilers…

**Big Spoilers ahead!

Don’t read if you haven’t seen the episode yet!

I warned you…**

Well, we called it in the last 24 thread. Abused Mom is dead. As soon as the cop noticed the blood dripping from Abusive Dad’s trunk, I knew. Kim and Scruffy are really in it now. Not only have they kicked Abusive Dad’s ass (twice), they’ve stolen his car, kidnapped his kid, and killed his wife and stuffed her in the trunk. Or so the police would believe, given the evidence. I don’t imagine Abusive Dad’s going to be rushing to their defense given the fact that he’s the one the killed her. That bastard.

And did anyone catch that little bit right when Tony was taking Reza and Bob back to CTU? Bob told his daughter Kate to “call Terry,” (camera zooms in to his face all meaninful like) “he’ll know what to do…

“B…but Terry’s just a tax lawyer!”

“It’s ok, Kate. Just call him,” (long meaningful look) “he’ll know what to do…

Hmmm… Would I be correct in thinking that Terry is the little girl’s dad and he’s working the books for Bob? Or is it just me hoping that the two storylines will tie in somehow?

Either way, Kim and Scruffy are fucked.

Anyway, how about those fireworks between the ex-Mrs. Palmer and Ensign Ro? They looked like they wanted to start taking swings at each other out in the hallway. The person in the last 24 thread who thought there be a little thing going on between the Prez and the Ensign might’ve been on to something. She seemed more than just professionally jealous of ex-Mrs. Palmer.

Finally, can anyone explain what the point of Jack’s drugging Miller and knocking him out? It seemed like it would play more significantly a role in this episode, but if did, I didn’t catch it. People were all like, “oh that Jack… he’s so crazy!” and then shrugged it off like it was nothing. It didn’t seem to give Jack any advantage other than momentarily making Nina feel uncomfortable. Or did I miss something?

Urgh… I apologize for the grammar in the above post. I’m really in a rush right now.

::skipped the spoilers::

The abusive dad’s name is Gary Matheson and his wife is Carla. I don’t know his job, but I think he may work for the father of Kate and Marie. I think those two plots may tie together, but maybe not. In one of the first hourse, we saw Carla wrapping what looked like a wedding present, and she said her husband needed it “today,” so I assume they (the Mathesons) were invited to the Wedding That Isn’t Going To Happen.

::not looking…hope this posts okay…staying spoiler free:::

Holy Cow! Do they know how to end an episode.

Terry the tax lawyer is in charge of the cook books.

Jack druggin Miller was stupid… it didn’t server any purpose except to let Nina know that was crazy serious, and that Nina didn’t hold the upper hand after all.

The ex Mrs Palmer - what a bitch! And what does she have up her sleeve?

Oh what can I say about Kim and scruffy? Great Ending!

I hate it that I LOVE this show!


I knew it! Dickhead Dad did kill Battered Wife.

And while I vouched for Kim making a smart move in taking Abusive Dad’s car after they knocked him unconscious, let me now say that it wasn’t smart to keep the car and use it to try to get out of LA. Obviously they didn’t know about the body in the trunk, but still… Gotta realize that when Abusive Dad wakes up, he might report it stolen (okay, the body in the trunk would give him a reason to not report it, but still, Kim and Scruffy don’t know that). Smart move would have been to swap it out for a different car – perhaps drive back and get Scruffy’s car (he obviously has one, since Kim asked him where it was when he showed up at the hospital in a cab).

Things are not looking good for them…

I don’t trust the Ex-Almost First Lady. I was just hoping Ensign Ro would bitch-slap her in their little hallway powwow. I think Ex-Wife is probably on the side of whoever is trying to undermine his administration.

Best line of this week’s show came from Jack.

Nina: “As soon as he sees me, he’s going to put a bullet in my head, then turn the gun on himself.”

Jack: “We’ll make sure he doesn’t turn the gun on himself…”

Hell, yeah! :wink:

Well, I don’t think Jack knew that the Feds with him on the plane would end up taking over as Acting Babysitters.

Fist thing I thought when Terrorist Dad told Nosy Daughter to call Terry was “Errrrm…ooooh…errrrg…what IS Abusive Dad’s name???” If it’s Gary, I guess we can rule him out as the tax lawyer. Unless…TD was all flustered and said “Terry” when he meant “Gary”! Terry-Gary-Terry-Gary…ok, so it’s a stretch.

Wow!!! Dead Mom packs a lot of blood!!! And it’s still fresh after 2 hours or more!!! Blood experts, help me out…wouldn’t she be all bled out by now and the blood congealed?

Is it just me or are they giving Tony a more tough guy attitude, possibly gearing him up for a starring role next season in case they can’t get Kiefer back. I’ve heard nothing about next year, so take that with a grain.

And finally…

Damn George Mason for making me tear up!!! You are supposed to be an asshole! Well, you still are, but radioactivity grew your heart three sizes that day apparently. No more crying, George! I mean it!

The Kim storyline was kept to a minimum this episode, and it actually had substance this time around - I guess the producers really ARE listening to their viewers…hooray.

All in all, a pretty lackluster episode though, considering how awesome the first 3 or 4 were.

I also have a feeling that Terry does NOT have malicious intent this time around (too obvious), but that Palmer’s female aid might be up to no good.
Does anyone know if they wrote the entire plot out beforehand, or do they make the storyline up as they go?

I know that they did make up at least some stuff at the end of last season, i.e. Nina being the mole. I don’t know how much, though, but it’s likely that they’re doing that again this year.

I liked this one quite a bit … but then again, I like all of them quite a bit! So what is older blonde Warner gonna find on Daddy’s computer? And when she finds it … what is she gonna do about it?

Not only do they know it, Im pretty sure the whole thing has already been filmed. Thats one reason it didnt get cancelled last year I hear.

Actually as opposed to last season, and with the help of last season’s DVD, I’m finding 24 is gaining a rather large following. I’m not sure if the ratings reflect that or not. Whenever I’m at a bar and that hockey commercial comes on there’s always somebody saying “have you seen his show on fox? its awesome!”

Holy cow is right.
Poor abused mom.
And it was stupid of them to try to drive out of LA in a stolen car. I was surprised the cop was going to let them off like that.

What did Nina stick up her sleeve when she was in the front of the store? It looked like a gift card she picked up from the counter.

Terrorist Dad doesn’t seem to get flustered. He seems very cool under fire. He’s obviously got something to hide, but he came out of his “interrogation” still looking like he was in charge. “Just go with them, Resa. Do it for me.”

Well, I’m guessing that the car had not been reported as stolen (yet) – although Kim and Scruffy wouldn’t know that. Probably since the owner of the car would be the one doing the reporting, and there’s a little matter of a dead wife that he placed in the trunk. Makes me wonder what he’s been doing during this hour, though (besides laying on the grass, unconscious).

Well, no the car wasn’t reported stolen, but two young kids in a Lexus? Sounds like a joyride to me.

I guess since it checked out, he had to let them go…till he saw the blood dripping outta the trunk, of course.

I meant to bring this up with the last episode, but I noticed a slight inconsistency. In the first episode, Dead Mom was wrapping a wedding present, presumably for today. But last episode, when Evil Dad was calling his secretary to kidnap his daughter to Mexico, he said something like “Yes, cancel my five o’clock; cancel everything.” Was this just forgetful writing or something else?

Opus1 – I don’t think it’s been firmly established that he was going to the wedding of the other family (Terrorist Dad, Resa, The Two Blondes). It’s just been speculated here.

I don’t think we have enough info to determine his original plans for the day yet. I suppose killing Battered Wife was a spur of the moment change, though. :wink:

Yeah, I think Nina picked up a gift card from that store, but I don’t recall that going anywhere. I thought she was going to use it to pick a lock or something like that.

Well, it is LA. No, really.

I had a big ole grin during the last five minutes of this one. Great damn show.

One little detail I liked. President, CTU, all have Apple Computers laying around. Terrorist Dad? He uses Windows. Like I’ve been saying, if you use Windows, the terrorists have already won.