Octopus has a point

I have PMed you some links.

Hope you also PMed some links to the off-board activities that were the real impetus for Bone to fall on their sword.

Fuck off, imbecile.

Shouldn’t you be making Molotov cocktails or some Black™ clothing to cosplay in?

Imbecile, shouldn’t you be hiding under a bridge or cowering under your bed?

Well, more ignorance demonstrated, it is the right who does most of the fascist cosplaying, some do think that they are doing it for real.

Shouldn’t you be posting/linking pictures of “mini Dresdens”?
Or are you going to abandon that claim and hope no one remembers it?

Tsk, tsk with the ableist language.

Go fuck yourself, imbecile.

I mean, that’s what he’s doing while he trolls anyway.

I suggest that he makes some of those cacti happy. They’ve been lonely the last couple years.

Tsk, tsk…

What WTF is Black clothing?

Still waiting on “Mini Dresdens”.

Dashikis, FUBU, that kind of thing…

Silly me. I thought it was Fox News code for something.

I thought it was an Antifa reference. Not sure why the trademark though.

I thought it was a reference to Black 2.0 or something.

Jebus are you tryin’ to give octopus a conniption or at least the vapors or something?

Why? Those outfits, aside from the exaggerated high waists are sorta stylish.

If I were more talented with photoshop I’d update my avatar with some plaid tentacles and one of those fly hats.

Why? They’re all Black Panthers with mini-Dresdens in their pockets.