Octopus here's your own thread to shit all over

This had me laughing SO hard

When I was an intern in a large teaching hospital they had a so-called trophy room where they collected all the stuff they had succesfully removed from people’s asses…

Completely unexpected use of the word “trophy”.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that in a few cases that’s a literal usage.

Not seen in a hospital, but first real trophy I thought it would qualify.

I would pay to see it.

Is it just me or do the “Cheerios” logos just make it worse?

:+1: :+1:

I’ll bet if I don’t click on that I’ll know anyway it’s the Pungent Stench Been Caught Buttering front album cover. (I spose I’ve been wrong before, though, but I think I’m not, here.)

This is the crux of the matter that Octopus is too cowardly / disingenuous to acknowledge. He knows perfectly well that the Republican cray-cray exceeds the dem cray by a metric shit-ton, but that won’t conveniently fit into his agenda, and so has to FUCKING TEDIOUSLY re-hash the same alt-right talking points because he has nothing else to fall back on.
Guess I haven’t been paying attention - “socialist” has been added to the Octo Lexicon, then? I need to keep up:
virtue signalling
hive minded
read a history book

I’m sure I’m missing some. None of those, btw, are in any way uncommon, but your (unsubstantiated, at that) overuse of them has, by now, completely diluted any weight they might have once had.

If the Dems have anyone in their pool of talent remotely resembling Donald in character and (lack of) intelligence, that person would never stand a chance of winning a presidential primary.

Our far lefties may be a little out there for much of the electorate but don’t bullshit us and tell us that Bernie and AOC aren’t smart or make shit up every day.

Policies, my ass. It’s not just that you’re a stupid piece of work, Octo, it’s that you insult us by assuming that we’re equally stupid.

If Democrats were as craven and devoid of morality as Republicans, we’d be inaugurating Michael Avenatti on Wednesday.

^^^^^ Like. ^^^^^