Odd almost comical conversation

A woman at work, a secretary in her fifties whom I’m friendly with, came into my office today to ask about something trivial, and mentioned that today was the anniversary of her father’d death, and how she prays to God for his soul on such days. then: “I never asked you, Dr. X, do you believe in God?”

“Uh, no, Carol, I don’t.”

“What DO you believe in then?”

“That’s a pretty tough question.”

“Well, I always wanted to know to know. What do folks that don’t beleve in God believe IN?”

“Well, in a word, I believe in science.”

“Science?” She looked at me like I had said, "Pick-up-Sticks"or “Eggplant.” “Science? How’s science going to make the first man and woman? Someone had to.”

The long and short of it was that I tried explaining evolution to her (this is a college graduate, mind you) and she thought I was joking. Basically, “Oh, Dr. X, I know you’re pulling my leg now. Two monkeys going to give birth to a human? No, I guess I don’t care how many generations of monkeys you talking about, there ain’t none of them going’s to give birth to a person. Not ever. That just silly.”

And I tried to explain that I wasn’t joking, but I had a smile on my face because I just couldn’t believe I was having this conversation, which I had with her for about fifteen minutes, at the end of which she left office muttering, good-naturedly, “That Dr. X, can’t get him to stop playing around.”

The joke here is that she’s a college graduate, right? Gaah.

You’re a doctor?

This shit just floors me. I went to Catholic school for 12 years and was taught evolution - God had a hand in it, but evolution is the answer that makes sense and I have to give my schools credit for that. Also- good sex education of all things. It still drops my jaw when I hear people who were never taught that shit in school. I may not be Catholic any more, but I have to be thankful that at least I was part of a church that embraces science even though it still ignores many other things.

A doctor of being silly!

I believe in evolution, believe being the correct word. I couldn’t explain speciation in mammals without hand-waving. It doesn’t really make much sense to me at all. I can totally understand why people who weren’t brought up with it find it hard to accept.

Nah. I’m a professor. But some of the staff, like this woman, call me “Doctor” anyway.

And yet they find it easier to accept that some magical skybeing magically brought it all into existence, and if we don’t do as the 2,000-year-old book says we’ll all spend eternity on the fiery naughty step?

Frankly, evolution seems a pretty small reach in comparison, but maybe that’s just me!

I work with a science teacher who, it turns out, is a young earth creationist. I found this out when he wrote a letter to the paper dismissing the idea of global warming.

:eek: How is this possible? It’s like hiring someone as an English teacher who has refused to ever learn how to read.

Oh I had an elementary school teacher (who obviously taught all subjects including science) who not only believed and taught a young Earth in public school, but also just flat out refused to admit that the continents were even moving. He believed the Earth was static, and taught us this in school.

Yesterday I rode up a chairlift with some numbnut who was chattering on the ear-phone thing (don’t get me started on THAT!). Anyway, its about a 6 minute ride, and this guy never stopped talking from the minute we got on till we got off. I really wondered who the hell would stand such a one-sided conversation.

But the content…

Seems the poor devil has no trouble blazing through relationships and breaking up with women, unless they are “cryers”. :rolleyes: It seems our hero just can’t muster up the courage to walk out on a dame with the waterworks turned on.

One remembered quote: “We’ve got just uinder 2 years now, but I shoulda been out of there a year and a half ago!”

A fucking snowboarder too. :rolleyes:

I had an Embryology T.A. in college who didn’t believe in evolution. She had been raised Seventh Day Adventist. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny? Nonsense!


A friend of mine who was raised strict Dutch Reform studied biology in university. Her family wanted her to stick to plant science but she switched to animal science. Away from home the first time she basically went through a crisis of faith before discarding all theology after studying embryology. She’d had a vauge idea of course from High school biology, but IIRC it was embryology that turned her atheist.

Erm…“ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” pretty much is nonsense.

“Haha, Carol! I’m just pulling your leg. What I really believe is that an invisible sky faerie made us out of mud.”

But wouldn’t it be cool if they really called you, “Doctor X?”

As cool as “Professor X”?

He didn’t go through four years of alphabet medical shool to be called mister.