Odd Choices (TMI, you've been warned)

So I’ve been on the computer all morning, as it’s my day off.

I’ve been denying the need to defecate (out of an odd social thing that I hate it when anyone else is around when I do that; I find it embarrassing).

I finally realize I’m hungry, so I pop some leftover lasagne in the microwave.

As I’m taking the lasagne out of the microwave, I realize there is NO WAY for me to eat this without, ummm, making some room first.

So, leaving the freshly hot lasagne at the computer, I head for the head to move my bowels. All well and fine.
Now, the front half of the house smells like lasagne. Good.

The back half of the house (including the computer room) smells like – well, a cesspool.

What odd choices have you made today?

You mean beside reading the OP title and thinking “Hmmmmm, wonder what this is?”

So since you’re on-line posting this, you’ve made your choice.

Just tell me you’re not sitting there at the computer, in the ‘bad smell’ zone, eating the lasagna.

Okay, I’ll bite. I was 15 minutes out from home when I realized that I’d forgotten my Man-Purse, a gargantuan shoulder bag that includes my PowerBook, magazines, Pharmacy, pens, pencils, chapsticks, and power supplies.

I turned around, drove home and got the bag. So I could feed my Internet addiction. Which is so very lame.

I wasn’t late for work, but I have it on reasonable authority that I broke Craig Breedlove’s 1968 Land Speed Record on the Palisades Interstate Parkway today. :smiley: