Odd glitch

So this is probably the weirdest glitch I’ve encountered on the Boards. I was perusing the Rush Limbaugh Pit thread and as I was scrolling down, I saw this gray box* in the middle of the thread. I wasn’t able to scroll via the scroll wheel while the cursor was in the box, and if I drag at all within the box, the entire thread is selected. Otherwise, the page works fine.

I’m on Windows 2000, Firefox

And you know, I just went back to that tab to see if the glitch-box was the same size as the Google Ad box (which I think it is), and it’s disappeared. The whole page seems fine now.

*-Click the little “All Sizes” button along the top edge of the picture to see it full-size.

Not sure why that happened; I’ve seen that sometimes too.

Most likely, it’s some HTML data lost during transmission. It has nothing to do with the board software or its servers. If you ever see this sort of thing again, you can View Source and save it to a text file, then refresh and View Source again. Then, if you’re feeling motivated, you can compare the two to see exactly what data was lost. Automatic error correction schemes built into most data transfer protocols catch most such problems, but every now and then one slips past and causes browser weirdness.

Q.E.D.: It seems a bit much to be blaming TCP/IP :dubious:

There’s one bug open for Firefox that seems applicable - you can add more information to the issue if you feel it would help.

Beats blaming the Goodness which is Firefox. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen this occasionally in IE back when I used to use it, so I don’t think it’s strictly a FF issue. But, as someone pointed out in your link above, it could be a javascript problem. The fact that it only happens occasionally is what leads me to believe it’s some sort of random data loss due to uncorrectable TCP/IP errors.