Ode to the Letter

The letter C that is. Something broke in my keyboard a ouple of days ago, and now I have to press down really hard to get the letter to appear. That’s the letter C. So if you notie any words in my posts missing a C, it means I’ve negleted to press down hard enough and have not aught it.

One thing, I’m seeing how few words use C. Thank goodness it’s not E or something.

If it gets bad, you can find a C somewhere, copy it to your clipboard, and then paste it wherever you want with ctrl-v.

If the V key breaks, you’re on your own.

It must be said:

See? Now I an say unt without getting a mod note. Feel my power!


FYI, if it gets bad enough, you can use ALT key combinations with the numeric keyboard to type. ALT-67 should give a capital C, and ALT-99 should give a lower case c. I can’t test it on my laptop - no numeric keyboard…not even a fake one overlapping some standard keys. But I’ve used the trick in the past to type on my old laptop, when the ‘.’ key died.

Copy it with which ctrl-what, exactly? :wink:

C c

There. You’re right. Thanks. That’s good to know. Honestly, it feels like there’s something stuk underneath the key. It’s not that I have to press it down hard beause it gives all the way. Even when I press hard, it still feels stuk up on high. But pressing down hard does give me C. I really should take the key off and look, but I tend to srew up the simplest mehanial operations. I fear breaking the entire omputer. Or computer. See? Just have to press down onsiously.

Well, something just went “pop,” and now the letter C is back to normal. ccccccc. All of those were made using normal pressure. But good to know about that Alt trick.

We plan to get a new computer sometime this year, so I don’t want to have to fool with buying a new keyboard for this one.

You only need the C key to work once, or use the mouse.

C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me.

I usually delete my cookies. :frowning:

There’s a lesson here. Posting questions on an internet message board actually CAN help! :slight_smile:
Seriously though…maybe something was stuck under the key and finally worked its way out.

That’s what we figure. The letter C is now alive and well. But handy to know about that Alt trick.

BTW…there are alt codes for lots of other useful things.
http://www.alt-codes.net/ has a list.

Thanks again. Very useful.