OEO Bldg on fire in DC

Cause unknown. Possibly electrical. Building has been evacuated.
The Old Executive Office (formerly State, War & Navy) Building is on the White House grounds. Much of WW2 was waged from there. Historic stuff supposedly inside.
The VP has an office there, tho he wasn’t in (it’s not even his usual office).

News reports say the fire is under control.

The OEO building? Is that where the Flying Monkeys live?


What a beautiful building. Here’s to hoping the damage is minimal. Can some architect-type say what style that is? French Provincial perhaps?

ETA: Apparently Second Empire.
“Cast iron details throughout the building were designed to serve as decoration as well as fireproofing.”

You don’t say.

Naw, it’s where Morris Day and the Time live. Jungle love…oh ee oh ee oh!

Showing my age. I read the thread title and thought “The Office of Economic Opportunity* still exists?”

*(War On Poverty? Model Cities? The 60’s? Ringing any bells?)

Here’s the building in simpler times.

I think that’s the same cow that started the big fire in Chicago. I smell a conspiracy.

What evidence is Cheney burning now?