Of all the cats.... (Warning- cat picture)

I ended up with this one.
On his bed, with his toys, and enjoying a nap. He seems to think he would be a good porno star.

Just needs some boom-chicka-wow-wow! :smiley:

Heh- you made me laugh. Him and his toy bunny.

That’s an impressively small bedroom. Is it just for kitty? :slight_smile:

Gotta love Mr. Big Shot and his fluffy bunny. It kind of takes away from his “street cred”.

Kittie’s got a perm!

This is the cat I got - “Okay, enough playing with this thing, time to pay attention to The Kitty!”

He’s just airing things out a bit.

My kitty does the same thing. Meet Cornelius the centerfold cat:

He’s very…swarthy! :smiley:

Perfect “But if it’s not made for sits, why is it made of warms?” shot.

Are you sure that’s a cat?

Mine tells me when its time to clean the litterboxes.

He’s the Hugh Hefner of cats!

You asked him to pose, didn’t you?:smiley:

Do you ever think your cat may be stealing food from - about 400 people? :smiley:

Hey, she’s not that fat! She’s a big kitty!

Fat denial is bad whether it’s directed towards oneself or towards one’s pets! That cat is FAT.

Of all the cats I have, this is Leon. Yeah, he’s kind of blurry like that in real life, too.

Cats have a keen sense of smell, and also are able to communicate with facial expressions.

What’s the brand of the computer? I always wanted one with an unbreakable keyboard!
(Our cat is overweight so this is all in jest).