Off Comes The Weight!

Or, The SDMB Weight Loss Support Group, Vol III.

So, I check myself out in the mirror last night, and what do I see? A stretch mark on my tummy. A STRETCH MARK, PEOPLE!

So, as of midnight last night, I’m officially doing the weight loss thing. Hardcore.

Nutrition? Screw it. I’ll get healthy again later. Today’s lunch: LETTUCE. Today’s dinner? Don’t know yet. It ain’t no double-decker pizza, that’s for sure.

Goal: 2 lbs per week. I’ve oiled up the bicycle, and broken out the running shoes. Good luck to anyone who dares keep up with me!

You’re on. (Yes, I’m still in town.) My mom said to me today, “You’re losing weight, girl.” So, I suppose, I’m getting there. I’m still working on it though. Good luck, Mr. Cynical. But stay healthy, m’kay? :slight_smile:

Good luck! Eat less and eat healthy. Your body will lower its metabolism if you put it into starvation mode. Then you’ll really not lose the weight.

A friend of mine and I are having pretty good results with that low-carb diet that’s going around.

She’s lost 30 pounds so far, and I’ve only been on it a week and I’ve lost 5.

Now, now, let’s not do anything rash, Mr. C. Come on, sit down and let’s have some beer and a couple cheeseburgers and discuss this thing rationally…

The best way to lose weight is to very quickly and very suddenly switch your body to metric. Easy as eating half a pie.

Well good for you Cynical, about time. I was getting a little worried there for you, 'specially since you told me what the doc said a few months ago…

If you need any encouragement I am here for you bud.

Why do we all seem to be getting in shape for the WINTER? What a very odd group we are.

Anyway, Mr. C., for some corking good diet tips, all of them guaranteed to be unhealthy and obssessive, click on this thread:

Fly out here, hon. I’ll gladly give you a workout guaranteed to melt away a few dozen pounds! :wink:

Go Mr C, go! If you are going to be drinking Saturday night, remember drink light beer.

Pounds, eh? How many calories to a pound? For that matter, how many calories to an hour of foreplay? I don’t assume I can burn up TOO many calories with my tongue, can I? (of my own, that is. YOU, on the other hand, would be a writhing orgasm factory)

And Eve, the reason we get in shape for winter is that this is the time when the weather forces us indoors, allowing for maximum snugglage time.

I’ll happily help you work out :wink:


Shayna AND Blue Twylight?

Wow, I don’t think I can keep up with the math.

Because at least one of us will be on Maui the first week of January, and he isn’t going at his current flabby weight of 204 lbs. (Down from 210 at the beginning of September, thank you very much!)

OK, stop the orgy. I have a suggestion.

Let me participate, too!

No. Kidding. Uh, what was my suggestion? Oh, yeah.

Mr. C. I have been having excellent success attacking my weight from the activity end of the spectrum, rather than diet.

My job is largely sedentary, and couch potato-ing after work only exascerbated the problem. But I’ve taken to walking my dog like 1-2 miles every day; playing full-court basketball once or twice a week, and now I’m in an ice hockey league as well.

I’ve probably lost 16 pounds over the past several months; I eat whatever I want, and I’m drinking more beer than ever!

Funny thing is, when you’re frequently physically active, you don’t eat as much, either. And man, when you start to see results, you get so fired up, you can’t wait to do those activities. It changes your lifestyle. Now I feel weird and uncomfortable when I don’t go play basketball, hockey or walk the dog; rather than when I do.

You have factors that may make this more difficult for you, such as a wife, child, and a life in general.

But screw eating lettuce leaves. Just avoid eating junk 7 days a week, but still eat things you like, and in portions that don’t leave you hungry, and get the exercise.