Off I go -or- Blackeyes' Fortunes with the Walkman

To GranGran’s house (Oklahoma) for Thanksgiving. A day ride up there today, and a day ride back down Fri.

Fortunately I have plenty of tune’s for the trip.
Unfortunately, one of my CD players is broken. The hinge at the back which allows it to open and close is um, amlmost detached I’d say. Fortunately, that was my ‘bad’ CD player that I use on my week-daily bus commute and such so that if it breaks, my ‘good’ CD player will be fine. Unfortunately, my ‘good’ CD player, when using the main outlet for my earphones, does not allow the Right earphone to work. Fortunately, I bought a 30 dollar set of headphones (the kind that go around the back of your head, so you can’t lie down) yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s not the earphone’s fault they don’t work. The Right headphone doesn’t work with the CD player either. None do. Fortunately, there is a second outlet place for cords. Unfortunately, the sound on that is constant (meaning it stays the same no matter how high or low I turn the volume) and not loud enough to drive out the rest of the noise. Fortunately, my ‘bad’ CD player is ‘workable’. There is Duct tape. Unfortunately, the sound quality can be very sratchy. Fortunately/unfortunately, it may just be the rate of speed at which I burned my burned CDs (only a couple, I have a lot more non-burned ones).
Fortunately, I will be burning a very Road CD including Willie Nelson’s “Crazy”, among other songs that are good on the long road. Fortunately if I burn it at a slower speed the quality should be better. Unfortunately, my window is closing fast and I might not get it done in time. So meh. :rolleyes:

Talk amongst yourselves while I’m gone. I’ll give you a topic “How does ‘Captain Rokko’ go as a new SN?’” And by God NO ONE better take it.


I think Captain Rokko will go much better as a separate nation. Sometimes it’s just better to cut all ties to the mother country and go for it, ya know?

I’m sure that Saddam Hussein wouldn’t dream of “taking” them. Surely he learned his lesson about annexing other people’s countries back in 1990.