Office Space - The Movie?

I am trying to get hold of a copy of the movie, Office Space, for a while now - I sourced a rental copy and got it copied onto VHS but, of course, it was encoded so the copy is fairly crap.

Its a movie that is a kind of in-joke thing between my bf and myself and means a lot to me to see if I can get hold of it. I would need the European (ie non-US) version (not sure the technical term there :rolleyes:) …

Anyone got any ideas? Have tried most places in Dublin (one of whom tried branches round the rest of Ireland)… also got my sis in London to check it out but no luck so far…

Can anyone help? :confused:

Did you try

They do the US version - no probs getting that at all. But it wont work with our systems here… seems its next to impossible to get it outside the US.

Boo hoo !!! don’t do it either.

The video format over there is called PAL, as opposed to NTSC used in the U.S.

You may do better with DVD, particularly if you can get a region-free model that will allow you to play Region 1 (US) DVD’s


PS, that was awfully boring for my 400th post.

How about Ebay?

There are companies that can do NTSC-PAL transfers. MY x-BF ordered a copy of the British “The Crow Road” miniseries and had it transfered to NTSC format to watch on an American VCR. I live in a MUCH smaller city than Dublin and there were 3-4 places in town that could do it.

Then I’d have to buy a DVD player !!! I know :eek: I don’t own one :eek:

I will check this option out if I really have to. But it shouldnt be this hard to find a movie… I mean, its not some majorly weird film or anything - just average (which is maybe why I can’t get hold of it lol)…

Maybe these folks could help you?