Office: Trivial question

In some early episodes of The Office, you see glimpses of a woman who never speaks. I think she sits near Toby and Kelly, near the break room, with her back to the kitchen. Anyone have any information on this woman?

Maybe Madge? She’s the only extraneous person I found in the cast lists by episode in season one. At least I don’t really recognize her.

Madge works in the warehouse.

In the earliest episodes there are a few extras dotted around now and again. You may have spotted the elusive Marjorie, whom Michael refers to in “The Fire.”

Here’s a good blog post with pictures of some of the rarely seen extras. Any of these the woman you’re talking about?

Hm. I can’t really remember what she looks like now, so I’m not sure which of those pictures might be the one. I mostly remember seeing her back when someone would go from the kitchen to the break room.