Official Mafia Game Hosting Line

We didn’t have this, and it seemed needed. Mods, could this possibly be stickied?

I thought the whole thing was handled informally, by getting permission from mods.

Or not.

Anyone pending?

Well, it was, but I figured this would be much more orderly.

And while I’m here, I should put our names down.

  1. Mahaloth/Pedescribe

But I figure if other people are waiting, they should get to go ahead, since we’ve been kinda monopolizing (sorry) unintentionally.

I’ve got an idea for a game I want to do, but I think I should get some more experience as a player first. At the very least, I want to win at least one (I’m currently 0 for 2, with one undetermined yet), and I want to play at least one as Scum. So I’ll get in line after a few other folks do.

NAF and I have a Gastard game all designed and ready to go.

It’ll be a short cycle game (2/1 or 3/1), require 15 players (less are doable, but it won’t be as fun) and should take less than a real-time month for the entire thing to play out.

I have a very bad idea of hosting a game. Who should I talk to for guidance on moderating a game, and who should I talk to for being warned off?

I’ll help if you want.

Help me run a game, or help me not run a game?

You can always send me a PM for advice if you like. I have run a few games and can either talk you into it or out of it, whichever you prefer. I can also probably make sure your game isn’t broken.

My current philosophy for running Mafia on the SDMB is that there’s room for one full-size game (25+) and one mini-game (10-15).

I have a Conspiracy game that’s basically ready to go (just have to set up secret board, etc). It’s full-size. I could run it either here or over at Idle Thoughts’ board.

I also have my two mini-rules (Munchkin and Mutiny) that I can rerun at anytime (and probably will :wink: ).

Help you run it.

I’ve played a few games but never run one. Is it really complicated? Can you just make up your own set ups or are there pre-determined ones? (Like, I’m assuming if you designate too many scum roles, your people are screwed from the getgo.)

Pede and I are going to run the next game, which was 99% designed by him.

Was anyone else pressing to have your game run? If it’s a big deal, we can wait. I know I’ve had a couple games back to back, but I’m only co-modding the next one.


There are general guidelines for balancing a game, and it’s also a good idea to get the judgements of a few other folks (who obviously won’t be playing) before you start. For a relatively simple game (few power roles), the usual advice is either to make the Scum 1/4 of the players, or to make them about equal to the square root of the number of players (of course, if you have about 16 players, either guideline will work). For more complicated games (many power roles), there’s a point system devised by JSexton that can serve as a rule of thumb for balancing.

Thanks, Chronos. I’ll ask a few others before I start off on mine.

I haven’t play on here in a while, but I’m more than happy to help review games.

Thanks, I would be very much obliged! Is there a wait list for when games start, or do you ask a mod when you can post yours…or how does it work exactly?

I think over here it is first come first served. Other places we have other methods.

Having now both won and lost, and having played as both Town and Scum, I think I’m experienced enough to host one, but I’ll be gone much of December/January, so now’s not the time to start it. I’ll start a new one some time in late January, if there isn’t already one running.

Drain Bead and I may have a game going the next little while. Anyway, nothing is for sure yet, but here we are signing up. :slight_smile: