Offline again!

Hi everybody. I’m going to be offline again for a while. Wednesday night, I picked up what is being called an “invasive screen saver”. No, I didn’t click on any Anna K. downloads, or open any e-mail I wasn’t sure of; it just appeasred on my screen. (Although it did hapen right after I went to that Turkish hat dance site…)

I also want to give a warning. It’s hard to describe this thing if you haven’t seen it, but it’s a kind of moving spiral, like HypnoVision. I’m afraid it’ll give me a seizure: Opal and others, beware! It covers most but not all of the screen, so I’m barely able to find tMPSIMS and post this. It also hasn’t affected my hard drive, obviously; I’m just hoping I can get it removed without damaging anything.

Well, I hope everyone’s okay. I heard about a light plane crash in Long Beach yesterday; I hope it wasn’t Johnny LA or any of his mates.

See you on Monday, the computer gods willing.