Og help me, I'm crushing on Keith Olbermann

I don’t know why, I don’t know how, I’ve been watching Countdown for a while now, but it just hit me over the last couple of days that Keith Olbermann is one sexy guy. Tall, good-looking in a bland newsanchor sort of way, smart, funny…and he’s got That Voice. Just a bit of a nerd, he’ll tell you himself. Knows how to laugh at himself. Liberal outrage, check. Maybe a little squirrelly (even I thought his rant against Geraldine Ferraro last year was unnecessary), but could be worse. Stands up for what he believes in. Better to do a little too much than a little too little in these trying times, yes?

But maybe he’s got anger management problems? Can’t hang on to a job? Not married at age 50 – no one will have him, or no one is good enough for him? And the 25-year-old girlfriend? Whatsamatter, Keith – a big, good-looking guy like you can’t find a woman who’s got her student loans paid off? Hmmm.

But my gosh, he looks like he knows how to give a woman pleasure.


All right then, have at me!

I will not have at you. Its always nice to crush on someone who shares ones political views. And I have heard much worse, looks wise. trust me.:o

How much do you envy that I was actually interviewed by your man on Countdown? :cool:

Oooo, tell, tell!

Well, alas, I should mention that I didn’t meet him in person, he was on the set in Jersey while I was in a Manhattan studio, so he was just a voice in my ear and a blank camera lens staring at me. This was about six years ago, and I didn’t have cable, so I actually had no idea who he was or anything about the show, or even what he looked like! The Producer who called me for the pre-interview described it as “kind of like the Daily Show” and somehow that was good enough for me, but in retrospect I could have totally been Colbert-ed. Anyway the subject itself isn’t worth getting into but I was #1 on the Countdown that week (just ahead of Gary Coleman running for Governor of CA) and KO made fun of me a little bit, which is sort of a badge of honor I guess.

Thing is I don’t even have that interview on tape any more. I lent it to someone and they never gave it back, fuckers.

I’d do him.

Dude even makes liberal me cringe a little at times (dial back that rage a tad, it makes it when you do unleash it mean all that much more - you’re sounding like those talk radio raving lunatics at times), but yeah, I’d go after that.

Oh yes, the conjured up outrage does get annoying at times. I mean seriously, who can be that vexed all the time? Phony liberal outrage is no less annoying than Sean Hannity taking a crap into the microphone every time Obama goes to a foreign country and speaks in complete sentences.

That said, totally bangable.

Oh, and I love the nerdness. My husband and I practically (and sometimes literally) cheer when we hear a nerd culture reference from him. And he was awesome as the Evil Businessman Polluting the Environment on Family Guy.

It’s OK, I crush on Rachel Maddow.
I know, I know I’d have a better chance with Keith.

You work on Rachel, I’ll work on Keith. :wink:

Been crusing for a while now.*

  • I think I’ll just leave this little typo in.

He look gangly to me and I thought he was more relevant when he was on ESPN.

And he’s an MST3K fan. That would pretty much seal the deal for me, if I swung that way.

I think he’s also a Harry Potter fan! When J.K. Rowling gave a reading at Carnegie Hall in October 2007, he was in attendance. Too cool!

AND he had that oneupmanship going on with The Soup - I like that.

I’ve had a major crush on the guy for a while. I can’t watch him anymore because he’s just gotten a little too outraged, but damned if I wouldn’t want to play “Countdown” with him.

(I loved it when he signed Bill O’Reilly’s petition to get himself fired – and had the entire MSNBC staff do the same.)

ok, I’ll let you have it. (seems too many people are on your bandwagon!)

Olbermann is a grade A asshole. He’s an arrogant prick who was nothing but an anchor at ESPN before he morphed into Mr. Liberal. He thinks he is funnier than he is, and he’s a disingenuous fuck. The reason he hates Fox so much is not because they are “fair and balanced” -wink wink, or Rupert Murdock owns them… no, he hates them because Fox fired his ass from the Fox equivalent to ESPN.

See, Keith jumped ship from ESPN to be the star sports guy at FOX. And he figured his legion of fans would follow him. But he has no fans. No one cares who’s doing SportsCenter. They just care that it’s on. So Keith bought himself a one-way ticket to oblivion before he was able to get this gig at MSNBC (fair and balanced? sure.) Keith also weaseled his way back into ESPN for a while, although I’m not sure he’s still there.

I hate Keith Olbermann. He’s a money whore who has stumbled onto a gig that makes him a boatload of cash. He’s the left’s equivalent to Sean Hannity. Even if you agree with his politics, how can you stomach the negativity and smarmy “I love myself” humor? I have tried watching him, but I can’t get through a show. And whatever your personal feelings about FOX, to me, when he opens his mouth it just sounds like sour grapes. Slamming your former employer is like slamming your ex. After 5 years or so, give it a rest… what a tool!

I’ve got crushes on them both. Mmmm pundits. :smiley:

We’re all money whores, sweetie. Those of us who have jobs, anyway. And most of us would love to stumble onto a gig that makes us a boatload of cash. That’s a rather bizarre reason to hate someone. It smacks of jealousy, frankly.

Hey! Look who it is! Liberal, “the man who would never post here again.” Welcome back. again. Can you post a link to your OP “We’re finally moving! Back!”?

Oh, and just to clear things up for you.

  1. I am not your sweetie.
  2. I am not jealous of Keith Olbermann. Every one of those “pundits” makes a boadload of cash and I’d take one of those jobs in a minute. I hate Olbermann for being a whiney bitch for getting fired by Fox and constantly slamming them on his show. That smacks of sour grapes, frankly.