OG? Please forgive my ignorance ....

OK, I gotta ask …

As a newbie around here, I see many references to “Og”. Is this some kinda euphemism for the G-word?

Julie :slight_smile:

A person once made a spelling error out of god, turning it to og several times. People picked up on it and is applied to a lot of things, usually OG SMASH!

The person in question was a troll and the misspelled (misspelt?) phrase was “Son og god”, where of had been intended; this afforded a rather precious opportunity for much ridicule and hilarity.

OG is the secondary board diety (after the Invisible Pink Unicorn). OG got his start here in this thread.

Zev Steinhardt

Aha, so we have racinchikki to blame for the “OG SMASH” bit, eh?

As I understand it, there were references to “Og smash!” floating around on the Internet before that; the coincidental typo just served to firmly establish it on these boards.

While that’s the origin, Og is (a) an alternate name for the Dagda, head of the Irish polytheistic pantheon (think Zeus with a brogue :)), or (b) his son Angus Og (technically Aengus macOg), Irish God of love (think Freyr, or Eros, though he’s an adult).

Og is also roughly a diminutive nickname for a son of the same name - Hence Angus Mor ( ~ “Big Angus” ) MacDonald’s ( 1230-1296 ) son was Angus Og ( ~ “Little Angus” ) MacDonald ( 1270- 1330 ) - the latter being rather famous as the real establisher of Clan Donald dominance by supporting Robert Bruce in the Scottish Civil War/Independance War.

Yes, near-useless trivia - one of the great perks ( or alternatively, vast annoyances ) of reading the SDMB :D.

  • Tamerlane

Thanks for the explanations, folks! :slight_smile:

OK … I’ll take the bait :rolleyes: … who’s the IPU?


I should point out that the Irish “og” is pronounced with the same vowel sound as that found in the word “oak”, whereas I believe the SDMB version is pronounced as the word “dog” with the “d” removed.

The IPU is the Invisible Pink Unicorn, a deity whose non-existence is unprovable. There is much theological debate regarding the mystery of its simultaneous pinkness and invisibility.

Whaaaaat? You mean not everybody sees this (screen dump) scampering across the screen every time they open a new page on the SDMB???


Blasphemer! You have destroyed the IPU’s invisibility!


Whaddaya mean? I can’t see the unicorn in that image! :wink:

What unicorn? :wink:


:cool: Shout-out to great great . . . granddad. Don’t see those everyday.