All right, I give up -- who is this OG anyway?

OG this!
OG that!
What’s gotten into you Dopers all of a sudden?

There must be some inside joke here I missed out on at the beginning. I started seeing “OG SMASH!” all over the place soon after the SDMB came back to life last month. Any connection to “Smashie” from the temp board? Or what?

And how long before we get an OG smiley?

It’s a typo from one of the Famous Kooks to have posted here (I forget who, or in which thread, although I have read it recently). He spelled ‘of’ as ‘og’ a few too many times, even though he could spell ‘of’ correctly on occasion. A Doper apparently thought Og was a good caveman name, and so the brute was born.


(I don’t see any direct connection to the inestimable Smashie, except a common fondness for smashing.)

Og was a giant king in ancient Canaan. The king of someplace called Bashan. He was defeated by the Israelites. See Deuteronomy 3:3 —

So the LORD our God delivered into our hands Og also, the king of Bashan, and all his people: and we smote him until none was left to him remaining.

Uh, that’s odd. I have seen my origin promoted in various other places, as well as having seen the thread (an Og joke, certainly the first, was made there, as a matter of fact). I doubt musty and rather obscure Biblical monarchs figure into this at all.

(If you have just whooshed me, good work. Making Og the king of Bashan was nicely done. :))

The origin of the SDMB Og fascination

Oh yeah, OG SMITE!

Well, at least we know where OG’s fondness for smashing and smiting comes from…


It was racinchikki who is the Orginiator!

She is Og’s prophet!

I blame tiggeril. I think she instigated this in chat and provoked racinchikki.

I may be wrong, though; Og has smashed me many a time in the head.

Succumbing to temptation…

Og smash lno in the head!

hands lno some aspirin and bandages, sorry to hear about the Og head-smashing thing!

You’re right; I can’t take credit. While the thought had crossed my mind prior to logging in to chat, I would never have posted it without tiggeril’s humor in IRC.

George Orwell, in Coming Up for Air, wrote how as a little kid in church he heard them singing a hymn with the line “…And Og the king of Bashan.”

But for him it became a mondegreen: “…And Dog the king of Bashan.”

Here it is — your guide to all things Og:
(Did you know John Dryden wrote poems about him?)