Og? Who She be?

Oh hell, I give up. What’s the derivation of Og. It seems to have become the universal answer for everything here, and I’m tired of being left out.

::huffs off in a great big pout::

I think it came from an angry little troll who showed up in the Pit a few weeks ago. Virtually everytime he tried to type ‘of’ he wrote ‘og,’ even after he was corrected several times. I’m having trouble finding a link, though.

Dunno - I’ve skipped those threads too - but there’s an Og in the Bible. Deuteronomy 3:

And Psalm 136:

But I doubt that that’s the Og they’re talking about. :slight_smile:

Here it is. I think this is where it is from, not completely sure though.

OG!! OG!! OG!!

Dr. Lao has correctly noted the recent history of Og.

Thanks Dr. Lao:

Looks like racinchikki had the first hand in this, with her

Og mad! Og smash! Og smite!

Oh gee, funny

I thought Og was supposed to be the name of a generic caveperson.

The real $64,000 question, though, is when will Og references become so hackneyed and widely ridiculed as to merit a Pit thread calling for them to be outlawed? Can we start a pool on this?


Og not allow thread about pool until ageless6 tired of it!

I think it has enough creative potential to last a while, and so far people aren’t overdoing it. Myself, I’ve always been partial to the ‘OG sort trash! ageless6 go in bin!’ variant.

On the other hand, the fact that it’s not being overdone might have been due to the fact that most people didn’t get it.

Nonononono. Can’t start a pit thread about it until after my turn. I only got to use ‘Hi Opal’ a couple of times, and never even once used ‘all your base…’

Good point. I believe Og was also the name for a generic caveman, as Neptune points out, particularly in the writings of The Internet Oracle.

Og’s “wife” is not Lucy, as you may suspect, but Ogma.

Sooo… their dog is called Dogma? :confused: scratches head

:wink: :smiley: