Og *TALK*!

I found this while exploring the GSM World pages:


It’s good to know that Og can communicate when he is in Iceland.

like Og would have to call himself Og1, in case someone got him confused with Og2 or something. Get real.

One’s the First Coming and the Two is the Second.

Back to catechism with you!

I bet if I could read Icelandic, I still wouldn’t buy it.
Me hate Og.

I just got back from Denmark, where Og is everywhere. As in vaffelis met flødeskum og flødebølle, which sounds like a 3-way oral sex act* but is really just ice cream with whip-top and a chocolate coated creampuff.

Y’see, in Danish og just means and.

*[size=1]Many ordinary things look sexy written in Danish. Their word for a clearance sale? SLUTSPURT! :o :eek: :slight_smile:

I obviously studied the wrong language in college. Well, not like they teach Danish at my JC anyways, but still. Slutspurt, too funny!

Poor Og. I keep seeing snide comments about him in completely unrelated food articles: “0g Fat!” and such. Last weekend I saw a package of cheese claiming “0g Carbs”; I’m not sure what that is but it sounds violent. Og probably snapped after being incessantly teased about his figure.

That’s okay, Hung Mung. Og still loves you. That’s the kind of entity he is.

Right up until the moment he smashes you, anyway.

Y’know, the sexiest women in my class at university was Danish. This could help to explain that…

Are you saying that a dish with ‘whiptop’ and ‘chocolate-coated creampuff’ does not involve some sort of oral sex? Or sensuality at least? :smiley:

You know, the latter almost sounds like MORE fun. :slight_smile:

I wonder if our Og (and) is a cousin to the Welsh Ag (and).

(Going off to think deep thoughts involving whipped cream) :smiley: